Full Awakening

Exploring the Human Heart

Full Awakening aims to bring practical tools, inspiring perspectives, and a grounded container for a global community of seekers to be seen and actualized, for the greatest possible good of all.


Who am I?  I am a hollow reed, a weaver of stories, a whisper to the heart, a burst of laughter in the dark.

I stand here as one, but I come as waves of millions.


"In addition to being a truly gifted healer, Riza is quite simply one of the kindest souls I've ever encountered. She has offered me healing and support during stressful times, and I credit her with giving me the spiritual and emotional lift I needed to endure. She's insightful, intuitive and has an endless set of tools to help you move beyond circumstances that may be holding you back from becoming your very best self. I give her my highest recommendation."

Noah Perabo
Founder of The Perabo Group

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Community FreeBees

We believe that Full Awakening is not only a possibility for every human being on Earth today, but it is actually why we are here. In light of that belief, we are dedicated to offering a consistent pulse of multi-media experiences to help inspire you, train you, and motivate you to bring Your Full Self to the Arena. Community FreeBees are a great way to dip your toes in our waters. If you like what we're dishing up, you can always dive in deeper!

Riza's Inner Circle

Find your Global Soul Tribe through live monthly ceremony, timely teachings, meditation breaks, and member exclusive content. Make a monthly commitment to Your growth process and find yourself in the woods, not so alone.

Live Break-Away Events

Our Live Ceremonial Events give you a break from your daily life so that you can reach new heights of connection with Source energy and your Soul Tribe. We will create a threshold of direct experience through Letting Go, Bringing In, Illuminating, and enCouraging you forward on your path. Come to See and Be Seen.

Rise and Shine Mentorship Circle

This level of engagement is for the select few who are ready to deep dive into a personal initiation with Spirit. This 21 part process will give you access to working 0ne-on-0ne with Riza, The Council of 17, and your own Light Council, who Riza will channel and consult prior to and during each session. She will be your personal Trail Guide as you traverse the woods of your own dream on Earth for the purpose of stepping strongly into Your divine purpose.

School of Ceremony

With Riza as your guide, learn to treat Life as the Ritual it is. With three different ways to engage, find community, support, teaching, and sacred art as a practical facet of spiritual exploration!

What She Said:

The wisdom I bring is grounded in practical application and is syphoned directly from my relationship with the Elementals, my primary Light council ~ aka The Council of 17, as well as a motley crew of other beings who have graced me with their collected Truths.
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Our Intention:

We intend to awaken to Life, to the expansive nature of our infinite hearts, and to the purpose with which we each chose to come into form at this time and place. As philosophical as that may sound, we have found that this idea of Awakening can and perhaps must be applied to daily life. In this time of transformation and healing for our consciousness and our planet, the Hero’s Quest is not for some, it is for all, and so the tools must be made available to all.
Our Mission

"Riza's approach is simultaneously the most grounded and ethereal I've experienced in the healing realms. The practical tools and awareness I've gained from working with her undoubtedly changed my life forever, adding more magic and feeling of control to my earthly experience. The shift has helped me more fully tap into my own gifts and amplify my own teachings, healing practices and guidance to offer to others."

Claire Stewart

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