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Full Awakening LLC is dedicated to supporting the evolution of the human collective consciousness from the inside out.  We believe that by providing access to modalities of healing, ceremony, self-compassion, and transformation, we can change the world for a more sustainable future.

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What do you need to Awaken?

We have identified the following 4 primary elements as being necessary for the practice of Awakening. With these 4 elements in mind, we have designed a variety of offerings and experiences to meet you wherever you are in the process of waking up!





New Perspectives

Receive a Magnetic Heart Membership



Kind Communication

Trust through Honesty

Deep Listening

Join the Conversation with your Tribe






Wake Up at Work Programing



Trauma Recovery



Rise and Shine Mentorship

Meet your Guide ~ Riza

Riza is the Founding Director of Full Awakening and is the primary teacher as well.  As a healer, teacher, and seeker, she has been working directly with transformational energies and awakening processes for the past 30 years.  Additionally, Riza has had the great honor to study with a variety of living teachers, masters in their traditions, for over 17 years. 

Riza is a trained facilitator, and this informs her teaching style.  She effectively leads students into having their own direct experiences, so that learning is self-discovery, rather than simply conceptualized ideas.  Over the last 17 years, Riza has worked in a variety of settings from running a private practice, to  teaching at community centers, to being an on-staff facilitator and therapist for a corporate non-profit.  She enjoys working with individuals, in small groups, and with larger audiences.

Riza is delighted to be in the place to bring the Elements of Awakening to people in all walks of life for the greatest good of all!

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Why would you want to wake up??

Having an awakening is like becoming lucid within a dream, recognizing that life is full of hidden meaning, unforeseen possibilities, and inherent power. 


Waking up to life benefits both your personal quality of life, as well as the quality of life for those around you.  When you feel lucid to what life is teaching, you gain a personal level of power that motivates you to experience new things, and become courageous to break through perceived limitations.  Awakening isn't a singular moment though, it is a lifelong process fueled by direct experiences of something greater than you expected.  We are here to help you have those groundbreaking experiences, as well as support you on your lifelong journey of awakening.


“If you want to awaken all of humanity,

then awaken all of yourself. 

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,

then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.

Truly, the greatest gift you have to give

is that of your own self-transformation.”

~Lao Tsu

How can you begin?

If you have found this site, chances are, you have already begun to answer the call!  

We begin with Inspiration.  Think of inspiration as a big breath of fresh mountain air.  Receiving fresh ideas, new practices, and the stories of those who have gone before you, can help to fuel your journey.

The Magnetic Heart Membership is an affordable way to commit to a monthly practice of receiving.  In the Audio Companion for the Magnetic Heart you will receive 2 or more new mp3 downloads each month: a 1 hour conversation from our Stories of Awakening project, plus a 10 - 30 minute Guided Visceral Physical Meditation and Channeled Teaching.  We also will be including periodic surprise bonuses such as recordings from live ceremonies, meditation music, and more!

These offerings are designed to gently and consistently sing you from your slumber.  

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Where Do You Belong?

Feeling a sense of belonging starts on the inside . . .

Community is incredibly important to any great movement, and we believe that we are in the midst of a great wave of change sweeping around the world.  For those who wish to rise up and lead this change, it is important to feel in good company.  For this we practice skills of deep listening, truth sharing, and self-acceptance.  You must first belong to yourself before you can belong to others or the world.

Once you can attend to the transformation moving through your own life, you can offer support to others through peer support and sharing stories. . . 

Creating a Community of Self-Responsible Individuals for Planetary Change!

A huge part of community is giving back.  By joining our online community forum on Facebook you can create connections with a diversity of people from many walks of life and places on the planet.  By having a safe place to go and share your stories, your struggles, and your epiphanies you can add to this wheel of change and possibility for us all!  We welcome you and your voice to this grand conversation.

Join the Circle!

What tools help you awakening?

We believe in the magical art of "Changing your Mind" by engaging in shifting perspectives, Guided Visceral Physical Meditation, and Heart Healing.  In our experience, transformation happens inside the whole person, not just one aspect.  In other words, we can't just think it, we need to feel it.  Our Meditation Archive is a reservoir of opportunities to directly experience an altered state of presence through your very own imagination.

Meditation and training the mind is a tool available to all of us, not just some of us. 

Guided practice can take you there with ease.

Your mind is an amazing tool of perception, imagination, and story telling.  Why not work with your mind to make your world more beautiful?

Meditation is an ancient and modern tool of training the mind and befriending the internal condition.  Our Meditation Archive is a one time purchase of $111 for unlimited access of a growing and evolving collection of mediations designed for a variety of purposes.  We currently have 7 categories and 17 meditations, with more added each month!

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Where is the right place to practice awakening?


Bringing the elements of awakening into your workplace, into your home, and into all your relationships is recommended to improve your quality of life.  For that reason, we are bringing Support practices to you where you are. 

Read below to see how you can turn your workplace into a space that you would like to be.

It is estimated that we will spend 90,000 hours, or 1/3 of our lives, at work.  This makes our jobs an optimal place to practice awakening!  

The future of business is dependent on a new understanding of wellness, both for the company and its members.  As we evolve, we increasingly become aware of the need for balance, clarity, and creativity in all areas of our lives.  The sustainability of a job can hinge on how people feel while working at an organization, and the integrity with which the organization implements core values.  

Full Awakening is excited to support companies and their employees in the creation of healthy workplace environments through offering trainings in mindfulness, compassionate communication, and stress mitigation.  

Learn more!

What if you discover you need some healing along the way?

We have several beautiful ways to support you!

The biggest obstacle people face in engaging with transformational practices is not time or financial resources, it is the fear of what lies in wait below the noise.  Modern life is hectic, loud, and fast.  In all that movement it is easy to leave wounds untended and trauma unhealed.  We often have no experience with how our internal environment has become an unsafe place to call home.  As soon as we start to quiet down the outer noise, we may find our internal environment rising up to be seen.  That may feel scary, but we believe it is a good and necessary step forward.  At Full Awakening, helping folks to heal trauma and create holistic practices of self knowing is something we are deeply committed to.  We believe the viability of the vision to create a new social fabric of wakefulness and thrivability depends on making space and time for healing.  Deeply working on releasing old wounds has the ability to re-empower the individual to take responsibility for how they live and what they create. 

We offer 1::1 mentorship packages as well as a 21 week intensive program called Rise and Shine, offered individually, in small groups, and online as a self-study process!

Read below to see how you can turn your inner world into a home.

Rise and Shine is our answer to the call for a blueprint to awaken through healing.

During your 21 session exploration, you will learn how to heal your heart, re-train your brain, and sanctify your life to become a vessel for truthful expression and joyful living.  

We work on a rhythm of 2 months on and 1 month off for integration.  Whether you choose to take this class as an individual process, small group class, or online self-study program, we will all move together so we can support each other's process through online forums and energetic containership.

Rise and Shine 2020 is currently closed for new registrants. We are now accepting a small number of clients for 1:1 sessions focused on personal healing.  Check out the link below!

Learn more about Rise and Shine Find a 1:1 Healing Session Package for you!

Where could you go from here?


Once you have healed your old stories, you may feel called to help others heal too.  Your tender heart will open to a world engaged in needless suffering and the feeling of being able to truly help is amazing.  Graduates of the Rise and Shine program may receive an invitation to participate in an apprenticeship to become a facilitator for Full Awakening.  

This opportunity is by invite only . . . when the time is right!


"I have been working with Riza in various small group settings for almost two years now, and every single experience has been moving and powerful! Riza really knows how to listen to what her clients are saying from her heart and offers the most genuine and powerfully applicable guidance I have ever received from a healer. She has also taken the time to get to know me as a person and always makes me feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for in our sessions. The way Riza holds space for others allows them to feel safe to really dig into their own healing process. On top of her power as a transformational guide, Riza is one of my favorite people in the world. She is raw, witty, kind, and wise beyond her years. By being fully and wholly herself in all settings, Riza invites others to show up as themselves in the same way, creating a beautiful container for deep healing. I can't recommend working with Riza enough!! "

Rachel Trumbore
Classical Musician

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