Gather Monthly with Your Global Tribe

Each Month we will meet online for a Live Video Call with Riza.  Participants will be able to stay in their pjs as only Riza will be visible and participants can choose to join with their voices, stories, and questions.  On a Saturday morning starting at 9am PST // 11am CST // 12pm EST // and 5pm in the UK,  we will meet in a pioneering form of Online Ceremony.  Riza will open an active circuit with the Elementals // Directional beings // and The Council of 17, inside which we will explore topics that are important to the folks gathered in the circle.  Through describing this channeled information, the reading of writing that is expressed through the channeling, and through group meditation, we will open the floor to how we are each affected by what has been brought in.  We will cultivate Global Tribe through vulnerability, truth speaking, and the celebration of self-responsible path finding.  The ceremony will be crafted through the focus of the group energy and will be recorded as a video file as well as an audio MP3 for those unable to attend as well as for participants to listen to again.

We welcome you to Join us in the Inner Circle Ceremonies // Live Call on the following dates in 2018:

October 20th

November 17th

December 15th 

Guided Meditation Break Archive

Meditation is an important way to take wellness pauses throughout your day, a way to support you individual process of becoming.  There are many different meditation practices out there, so where to begin?  Sometimes coming from a place of stress and anxiety to a place of mental, visceral calm, is a tall order.  That is why we love guided meditations.  The "Ever-Growing Meditation Break Archive" is a library of various meditation techniques that can aid you wherever you are in your process.  It is a great resource for exploring different ways to meditate, to train and focus the mind, as well as explore the extra-ordinary realms of the heart and body.  You may find in the archive a mediation MP3 that you absolutely love and use on a daily basis or you may take a tour of many different techniques that change with your internal transformation.  

Riza has been guiding mediations for 25 years and sees it as a fantastic tool to tap into your inherent super power of creative imagination.  Playing with our "creative imagination" is actually a form of exercising the energetic interpretation mechanism that is the human body.  As a member of the Inner Circle we want you to have full access to this valuable online meditation library!

Sample a Mediation

Riza's Inner Circle is your ticket to ongoing support on your path. Making the commitment to engage in self rEvolution, so that you can truly show up and meet Life with an open heart, takes considerable courage and support. That's why we're here, holding this circle open and steady for you. Monthly Tuition is just $17.


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