Module 1 ~ Healing

The first seven sessions will focus on healing the body from trauma that is generational, incarnational, and experiential.  We will explore the natural loss of power that your body has endured and practice perspectives and techniques to mend these energetic, spiritual, and cellular wounds.

Module 2 ~ Embodying

In the second module of seven sessions we will focus on tools to initiate and grow the physical body to hold and maintain the fullness of your soul energy.  We will explore the pitfalls that make this a challenging task.  As we move into more self-sufficiency and mastery on the trail, you will learn how to anchor the soul process in your very cells.

Module 3 ~ Emanating

In the final module we will work on how to bring your unique Light Signature into the world through the ways you connect and how you create.  Explore being inside the Void and calling Light forth into form.  Begin your path as a co-creator of our collective reality, for the best possible good of all!

Work directly with Riza

Riza will be your personal Trail Guide, accompanying you through 21 One-one-One sessions from anywhere in the world.  She will prepare for each session by connecting with your Council of Light and priming the sacred container of the session.  Your Council will provide insight as to how your energy personally relates to the theme of the session and this information will be shared with you through a series of images and story download.

Receive a Wealth of Information

"The Rise and Shine Trail Guide" will be presented as an Online Course of support material.  Each session is accompanied with a channeled chapter of Spirit wisdom from the Trail Guide for deeper study, a digital video recording of the session, and a Guided Meditation MP3 download. 

We acknowledge growth is a spiraling fractal, and we want to make it possible for you to refer back to these tools and the skills you have cultivated as you continue your process of discovery after the class has ended!  As such, you will have uninterrupted access to these materials through your online library.  In addition, the Full Awakening Team is working on releasing the Trail Guide as a hardcopy book and creating a companion tarot deck!

Before Proceeding . . .

Read this from "Rise and Shine ~ Your Trail Guide to Awakening"

Honoring your own journey, your own arrival enough to give yourself the time, space, and permission to “matter”, is the pill you have to swallow before you can take even your first step into the woods.  We can not give ourselves over to the rise of Light on this planet unless we first believe that we have the right and responsibility to do so. So take a moment before proceeding, to sit with your self/Self and ask this important question: Do I believe I can make a positive imprint on this reality?  If the answer is no, then ask yourself what you think you are doing here. We each have to make our own choice about what we wish to see, live, experience, create, and heal. This choice is our very power base. Not I, nor anybody else, has the power or right to take this choice from you.

We are waiting here, on the edge of our seats, waiting for you to make your choice. . . 

Jump on in, the water's fine.

If you feel called to this process of initiation and actualization, reserve your spot now!  In addition to the two group classes, we will continue to hold open 3 spots for those wishing to engage with this program as a private mentorship.  As a private class, Rise and Shine has a tuition of $2100 per module of 7 sessions.  We offer two payment options, pay per month and pay per module.

Begin Your Journey

"As a divorce lawyer for twenty years and an energy healer; I know quality when I experience it, and I don’t mess around. MaRiza is the real thing. If you are looking for clean, clear, USABLE direction from your council, MaRiza Noyama-Zee is a hollow bone and creative channel. In her process, she journeys beforehand and, as with all the quality professionals in her field, she does most all of the talking. Her channel is in “information packets” and she is high quality in her skill of describing both the image and the frequency - so that Spirit message can come through clearly without any distortion of the translation. Ceremony with MaRiza has always, in my experience, resulted in massive life changes within a short period of time and I recommend only serious seekers engage with is powerful and beautiful spirit. Should you feel called to work with this lady; expect that your life is about to change in the most gentle and explosive way possible."

Stephanie L Hoffman
Attorney and Reiki Master, Portland, OR

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