Creating the Ritual of Life from scratch. . .

Our life is a ritual, whether we are conscious it or not. This daily ritual can hold the hidden keys to either our slumber or our awakening. If we choose to dedicate our daily ritual to deepening our relationships with the essential and deep parts of our own hearts, with the clarifying truth of our earthly intentions, and with the powers of light that support us, this daily ritual of living can be a foundational support system, a scaffolding in shifting times. But how do we even begin? The Full Awakening Team is here to help!!

Origins of Objects

As a team we are dedicated to sourcing our sacred objects from the artists and points of origin that feel real.  We believe that this integrity in the process from creation, to curation, to cleansing, and imbuing of the object helps to breathe life force into your practice and creation of Sacred Space.  We are delighted to direct you to an Origins Page that shares some of the stories of the people and places that your sacred space holders come from!

Visit our Artists and Makers

Custom Curated Foundations Kit and Teaching

Think of your Foundations Kit as your beginners palette for the art you wish to create!  Altars are a nexus of energy in the home, a piece of living art.  A place where new energy enters your home and is filtered.  It is the central hub that holds intentions and represents our sacred relationships with beings in form and beyond.  The hand-curated, cleansed, and blessed items that you will receive in the foundations kit will help you establish and anchor the Cardinal Directions and their Elemental partners.  

Along with this beautifully curated kit, you will also receive a substantial Foundations Video Teaching on how to establish, bless, and initiate contact with the foundational energies that will inhabit your sacred space.

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