"Riz has a power, an integrity and a grace that is admirable and rare in a healer. She supported me and members of my team while we were running a large training event. Her ability to support and hold us through that experience was phenomenal and allowed us to perform to our best. ThAnkyou Riz!"

Lee Harris
Transformational Leader with LeeHarrisEnergy.com

"Riza is a powerful healer and teacher. She taught me meditation techniques that support my work as a yoga teacher. Through her compassionate teachings and guided meditations, she holds space for you to heal what is ready. A warm-hearted, exceptional listener, Riza feels like your best friend the moment you meet her. She is intuitive and kind. She is resourceful with practical and creative tools to assist through any transition."

Marianne Donadio
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

"Riza is an amazing healer, teacher, holder of healing space and soul whisperer. I experienced all of these things with her over the span of several years as she worked with me on hearing my body as she brought healing to it with regular holistic work. She worked with a number of colleagues, including myself to utilize meditative practices in the workplace that centered each one of us and brought mindfulness, healing, and growth. She is a gifted teacher, who uses innovative and creative practices to reach each person where they are at and bring them farther along in their journey. Riza, brings all of herself to her teaching and healing. She is a soul whisperer."

Toni Jaffe
Chief Human Resource Officer at NWEA

"MaRiza's guidance over the past two years has helped me to grow more deeply into myself and to explore more fully my unique connection to Spirit. Thanks to the spiritual work that I've done with MaRiza, my heart is lighter and more open. I am healthier, kinder to myself, and more tuned into my authentic self. She is incredibly empathetic and creative, so I feel like I'm always learning something new about myself and opening myself up to new experiences when I seek guidance through her. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in knowing themselves more fully do themselves a favor and work with MaRiza."

Alison Eloise Lowrie

"Riza is phenomenal healer. I’ve been blessed enough to receive multiple treatments from her and I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve always learned more about myself and gained more insights in the process. If you’re looking to do some deep dive spiritual work, Riza provides a safe and supportive space in which to do that. "

Steven Washington
Qigong and Movement Instructor for the Steven Washington Experience

"As a divorce lawyer for twenty years and an energy healer; I know quality when I experience it, and I don’t mess around. MaRiza is the real thing. If you are looking for clean, clear, USABLE direction from your counsel, MaRiza Noyama-Zee is a hollow bone and creative channel. In her process, she journeys beforehand and, as with all the quality professionals in her field, she does most all of the talking. Her channel is in “information packets” and she is high quality in her skill of describing both the image and the frequency - so that Spirit message can come through clearly without any distortion of the translation. Ceremony with MaRiza has always, in my experience, resulted in massive life changes within a short period of time and I recommend only serious seekers engage with is powerful and beautiful spirit. Should you feel called to work with this lady; expect that your life is about to change in the most gentle and explosive way possible."

Stephanie L Hoffman
Attorney and Reiki Master in Portland, OR

"In addition to being a truly gifted healer, Riza is quite simply one of the kindest souls I've ever encountered. She has offered me healing and support during stressful times, and I credit her with giving me the spiritual and emotional lift I needed to endure. She's insightful, intuitive and has an endless set of tools to help you move beyond circumstances that may be holding you back from becoming your very best self. I give her my highest recommendation. "

Noah Perabo
Founder of The Perabo Group

"I wish to thank Riza for helping me integrate more fully my outside-of-work and at-work selves, and to be courageous in exploring and accepting with waning judgement aspects of self I was unwilling to see previously. Her intuition and perseverance of growth and truth, and nurturing strength have helped me numerous times to be strong while being willing to be uncomfortable in search of illumination and experience. She is a trusted guide and wisdom-seeker."

Pamela Woodrow

"I have come to know MaRiza as a very deep and compassionate healer and teacher. She carries wisdom beyond her earthly years. "

Dagmar Luenser
Sound Healer and Teacher

"Riza is an incredible Wise Woman, facilitator, and teacher. She bravely leads individuals and groups through meditations on grounding, heart space, personal growth, and more. She is able to articulate complex dynamics from energy to spirit to psyche. I highly recommend working with Riza."

Katerina Mikula

"Riza's approach is simultaneously the most grounded and ethereal I've experienced in the healing realms. The practical tools and awareness I've gained from working with her undoubtedly changed my life forever, adding more magic and feeling of control to my earthly experience. The shift has helped me more fully tap into my own gifts and amplify my own teachings, healing practices and guidance to offer to others."

Claire Stewart

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