MaRiza Noyama-Zee holds a BA in Theater from Smith College and an Associates in Massage Therapy and Health Sciences from The Swedish Institute of New York City. Her lifetime passion for the seemingly divergent paths of healing and performance art found their delightful union in the shamanic world of healing through meditation, journey, and ceremony. She was trained starting in 2006 as a personal and group facilitator by Dr. Allison Bradley of the Blue Fire Project. For the past 14 years, Riza has explored pathways of learning and growth to make her act of service as a guide and seeker authentic, deep, and personal.

A little creative interpretation . . .

Who am I?  I am a hollow reed, a weaver of stories, a whisper to the heart, a burst of laughter in the dark.

I stand here as one, but I come as waves of millions.  

This statement, inspired by Maya Angelou’s famous quote, aims to pull her originating intention into a new dimension for a new time.  While Maya perceived herself as a strong and true representative of thousands of ancestors, I stand as a singular representative of a multitude of past, future, and parallel selves travelling along an infinitely looping soulscape.  I am a student of the body, giving voices to my countless ancestors, who strengthen me with their fortitude while I cleanse them of their wounding through the choices I make and the understanding I offer. I am a representative of the Earth, our collective body, and our many forms.  Lastly, though not leastly, I am a melting pot of wisdom from all the benevolent teachers who have guided me, both in form and those beyond form.

While it may interest you to know who I am, what matters even more is why I am here and what I hope to bring.  My intention is to lead by example. To sincerely dedicate each day on Earth to the process of Awakening. What I gather along the way, I intend to bring deeply inside myself for nourishment and then amplify it out to you in the hopes that my discoveries give wind to your sails.  We have the capacity to do this, you see, to light each other’s lanterns, to raise the ocean tide, to lift up our collective sorrow and truly learn to Love. In truth, we are capable of such greatness, that it is only a limitation of our beliefs that holds us back and down.

This project, comes through the challenge and wisdom of a 29 year initiation with Spirit, beginning with my first connection at age 10.  Somehow this glorious next step is a Big Departure and yet a step towards the Path already laid. There comes a time in one’s life, and perhaps many times repeating, where we need to honestly ask ourselves to face all the ways in which we hold ourselves back and hide our true face.  

As Marianne Williamson so aptly put:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”  

We, as humans, are experts at hiding our own Light.

The wisdom I bring is grounded in practical application and is syphoned directly from my relationship with the Elementals, my primary Light council ~ “The Council of 17”, as well as a motley crew of other beings who have graced me with their collected Truths.  The remarkable nature of Truth is that it is remembered, not learned. We may remind each other of Truth, but we can not teach Truth. We each have the same capacity to access universal Truth and to find ourselves as the creators we are made to be. What will we create?  That is the question.

I believe our stories are a big part of our magic and so I have the intention to not only bring you tales from my own awakening process, but to bring you many voices in the chorus of souls lighting up all over the planet.   I have always found inspiration and strength in the stories of others as they enter the Great Mystery and allow themselves to be changed by doing so. I hope that you will find similar strength, encouragement, and illumination here.

Onward and Upward we go!

With Love and Gratitude for You and ALL you bring,


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