Episode 12 ~ Rachel Hartenstein


Our conversation partner this month is Rachel Hartenstein, a coach and healer who helps her clients break free of pain, frustration, and struggle. She supports them in releasing what is holding them back so that they can finally tap into the life they are meant to have — one full of joy, purpose, and ease.  As a fellow mother of three, we have plenty to discuss around the restorative nature of sleep and what brought her to the Yoga Nidra practice.  We also delve into the balancing act of reaching out in service while nourishing our families at home, and progressing along a personal evolutionary path.  I found the pace and energy of this conversation to be uniquely relaxing and I hope you find some calm nourishment from this conversation as well!

You can connect with Rachel and her business by visiting her Reflections Healing website.

Rachel has an awesome offering for our community to dive deeper with a private session where you can learn how to bring healing sleep into your life.  She is offering this work for only $33 (an outstanding deal for what is usually $99).  You can check out the full offering through this special link.


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