Episode 10 ~ Rachel Trumbore



This month we sat down with beloved community member, Rachel Trumbore.  She is a professional trombone player, a life-long Student of Sound, and a mentor to others looking to become empowered through music.  Rachel walks us through her process of finding her passion, honing her focus through the epiphany of desire, and finding sanctuary through expression.  You can listen to Rachel's playing by clicking here.   Find out more about her path as a musician by visiting her music website.

Rachel has just launched a new website called Empowered Musician, that aims to share meditation and private mentorship services for helping musicians to improve their performance by finding center and flow before and during music making.  Sample her mediations on her youtube station.  As a special offering to our community Rachel is excited to experiment with making personal meditation music for you!  If you would like to find out more about this offering, email her [email protected].


Rachel's Blog Entry:

The Present:

What roles do you serve / how do you identify yourself personally and professionally?

Right now, I mainly identify myself with my work as a freelance musician. This entails giving music lessons to students as well as gigging around town. I love being in this profession because playing music with others and helping younger musicians brings me so much joy. My other roles are being a wife, daughter, sister, space holder, and energy grounder.

What are your greatest challenges?

My biggest challenge is balancing my day to day life. Since my schedule is different nearly every week, it is difficult to manage and tend to every aspect of my life regularly. I do my best to manage cooking, exercising, cleaning my living space, and especially personal practicing on top of my scheduled teaching and gigging. Oh and sleeping! My amazingly supportive wife, and taking the time to meditate and stay grounded are the only things that keep me from flipping the boat.

Do you feel your challenges inform your work and personal process?

My challenges help me stay extremely flexible to change. This adaptability definitely carries over into my personal growth process.

What is your personal process with Spirit, creativity/ expression, and healing? 

My personal process with creativity and healing starts with my love of sound, whether I’m creating it myself or simply receiving it. Practicing my instrument is also a form of meditation for me and helps me feel grounded in my reality. There really isn’t anything I love more, besides spending quality time with loved ones. Listening to and receiving the gift of music has been a huge help in my healing process. The way music affects me is beyond words and is a large reason I wanted to become a musician myself- I want to give back to others all the amazing things music has given to me. 

The Future: 

What dreams and goals are you incubating?

Well I’ve got a short term goal to win an orchestra audition so I can make a full time career out of performing on my instrument. Having this kind of job will also free up my schedule to allow me to cultivate a mid term goal of mine, which is starting a company to help musicians remember the innate power within themselves. My main long term goal is to buy land near the mountains in order to have a garden and alpacas. :)

How do you envision living your most beautiful life?  

A day in my dream life is waking up with Sarah in our beautiful home by the mountains, petting our cats, making coffee, letting the dogs out, and going outside with my coffee and trombone in hand to do some daily warm ups for our alpaca herd. Then I’d tend to our vegetable garden a bit before leaving for symphony rehearsal. I can’t really imagine anything more ideal than this right now. :)


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