Episode 15 ~ Rebecca Heartfly


This month we had the honor of stepping into sacred space and conversation with Rebecca Heartfly.  Rebecca is a Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach who is passionate about working with all ages of folks from babies to elders.  She has an emanating joy for life and she shares how her life was guided and shaped by catastrophic change.  This conversation is quite timely as we recorded it in the middle of the first week of corona virus quarantine / social distancing.  We hope that you enjoy this episode and find some strength, joy, and hope along the way!  

 To find out more about Rebecca visit: rebeccaheartfly.com

You can also follow Rebecca Heartfly on Instagram
**In this conversation Rebecca makes an amazingly generous offer for free registration to her 30-Day Self-Care Bootcamp that she is just launching!  Follow directions at the end of the conversation to sign up!

The movie and writing that Riza mentions in the course of the conversation:
Song of the New Earth, the life story and healing sound mediations of Tom Kenyon, on Vimeo to rent or buy.  An entertaining, soothing, and profoundly inspiring watch in our shifting times.
The Channeled piece of writing from the Hathors by way of Tom Kenyon on Transition States of Consciousness is here.  I also recommend reading the writing on Chaotic Nodes, since clearly we are in the midst of one.  There is also a wealth of free sound healing recordings on that site that can be greatly helpful even if the writing doesn't appeal. 

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