Episode 2 ~ Steph'nie Hoffmann


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The Past:

Q:  How would you describe yourself when you were young?  

I grew up alone. As a young child in the city I would go to the backdoor of neighbors homes and get the occasional ding dong from the servants quarters. After age 10 we moved to the country and my only companions were the trees, the land, and the animals. I had a horse, Goldie, who was my sibling and constant companion from age 12 to 18. When I wasn’t out of doors or with my horse, I was in a book.

Q:  What were you passionate about and where did you think you were headed?  

I believed I was headed to DC to be a lobbyist. I was driven to know as much as possible and ‘succeed’ but I was mistaken on what success was defined as. I read constantly, as though filling my head with knowledge, even random facts, would meet my goals.

If you had asked me what I believed I was here to do at a young age, I would have said: “I am here to witness beauty.” I have always believed that. That’s why it never really mattered what I did for a living.

Q:  What did you feel were your special talents and challenges?

I have always cared for and mothered all living things. I was a parent to my parents – the oldest in the home since about age 3, and I took on the problems everyone else had because I had wide shoulders. This grew to be a challenge later in life.

Q:  What did you do to follow your original path?

I went to college, worked in the legislature, and became a divorce lawyer. I ran my own firm and was the primary trial lawyer for 20 years.  

Q:  Was there an event, or series of events, that provided a detour on the way and set you in a new direction?

For me; it was a single moment. I was sitting at my desk drafting a contract and then… I wasn’t able to process the words. I haven’t been a lawyer since that day. I haven’t read a book straight through since that day, either.

Q:  Was there a time that you remember having your original perception of reality challenged or stretched?

The first time I was gardening in a area of my office garden that hadn’t been worked in over 100 years since the place was built. I ‘saw’ the word “Brob·ding·nag·i·an”  cross the inside of my mind like something on a readerboard and I was clear as day that #1 - I don’t know that word. And #2 - Someone of something outside of my brain had said it. I looked the word up. It means “Giant.”

Q:  Can you think of a time when you took a leap of faith into the unknown because you felt instinctually you had too?

After I left the law, the Oregon State Bar sent me to counseling and the counselor tried giving me drugs for a bit. I was overwhelmed and shaky, like someone on too much caffeine, and I would just sit home all day in a drug induced haze. One day I got up and drove myself to the library, although y then I knew I couldn’t ‘read’ books anymore as the words didn’t add up to stories like they used to and I would get bored. I found myself in the religion section and I checked out a huge coffee table book that listed and described the belief systems of all the world’s religions. I sat up all night looking at the commonality of the beliefs of all of humankind and the crown of my head got so hot I felt like I was under one of the sit under blow driers they used to have at the hair salon.

Soon after that, I quit the counseling and the drugs and found Reiki. I never looked back.


The Present:

Q:  How would you describe yourself right now?

Wow. In transit, I guess. I’ve just been unceremoniously kicked out of a 30 year marriage and am living on my own for the first time in my life. I’m 50 but I feel like I’m 18 again. With al the power of possibility and all the trepidation of responsibility.

Q:  What roles do you serve / how do you identify yourself personally and professionally?

I am a Reiki Master teacher. I will be a teacher for the rest of my life, no matter what I do for a living; but teaching Reiki and metaphysics is what lights me up.

Q:  What do you feel are your most profound contributions?

My super ninja skill (I believe we all have one) is that I teach masters their Mastery. When I meet someone, they have done something to bring themselves to me and I get to show them their true, powerful selves. I am awed to see these powerful people grow and change and find their way.

Q:  What are your greatest challenges?

Computers and technology!!! Hahaha! I get so jittery when I have to work with computers or take a phone call it makes me want to crawl under a rock!

Q:  Do you feel your challenges inform your work and personal process?

You know, having a regular panic attack over something as mundane as having to do something online keeps me humble, I can tell you that!

Q:  What is your personal process with Spirit, creativity/ expression, and healing? 

Gosh. I have a LOT of trust. Sometimes, when I’m in a bad mood or something particularly horrifying has just happened or is happening to me, I tell Spirit that I deserve a make-up call and I expect it to happen! Like I just lay myself in the hands of spirit with the attitude of “Well, you got us in this mess, you drive!”


The Future:

Q:  What dreams and goals are you incubating?

I want to travel and I want to teach as many people as are drawn to me. I am now free to build my business and meet people and love and live life. That may include writing a book of stories or a blog. It will definitely include following my feet to see where Spirit leads. I am excited to see what comes next on my new life!

Q:  How do you envision living your most beautiful life?

Gosh. This and better. Living life exactly as I am now, and asking Spirit to show off. “How could you improve on how today went?” I ask Spirit, and then I listen and watch and admire the beauty!


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