Episode 5 ~ Beth Lorio

living art maker magic May 17, 2019

Beth Lorio is an interdisciplinary artist with a fascinating path of expression, healing, leading, and inspiring.  We are delighted to bring you this spirited conversation between two close friends.  We welcome you to enter the intimate enclosure of a conversation that has been years in the making and continues to dive deep and elevate perspectives along the way!

Beth's special offering to the community is to open her doors and heart to having conversations with individuals about their relationship with art and how they might like to live with art in their personal spaces.  Beth is enduringly passionate about the power of living art in the hands and homes of the people!   

Special Offer:  Check out her work on her website: https://www.bethlorio.com/ and follow her feed on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beth_lorio/ . If you resonate with her art, contact her at [email protected] to start a conversation!  No one will be turned away for lack of funds!


Beth's Blog Entry for Stories of Awakening:


What were you passionate about and where did you think you were headed?

I fell in love with acting and the theater when I was 13 and ran headlong in that
direction. I was in plays all through Jr High and High School, went to the North
Carolina School of the Arts, and eventually became a founding member of an
ensemble theater company comprised of friends I’d met in collage. We were an
extremely tight knit creative community with lots of karma to work out! I thought
we were going to save the world through theater. And we did, for about eight

Was there an event, or series of events, that provided a detour on the way and set you in a new direction?

In my early 30’s I was in northern California with my theater company. I was
doing creative work that I loved with people I loved and was extremely dedicated
to the work and the group. I thought I was doing exactly what I’d been made to
do, living the dream. One spring a few of us went to Berkeley to see a
performance that included the music of Phillip Glass and the poetry of Rumi
called “Monsters of Grace”. I had never heard any Rumi poetry before, and I was
absolutely knocked out by him. I remember being in tears throughout the whole
thing, and after the show when people asked me what it was like, all I could say
was that it was all about God. Looking back at that experience, I can say that that
piece of art was a literal spiritual call. Within a year, my life with the theater
company and that group of people had blown up spectacularly and I was in
Colorado learning how to do psychic readings and energy healing! It was as if
something in my soul woke up as I was sitting in that theater and the Universe,
who had been very patiently waiting for the signal was all like, Hooray! Finally!
Except wait: she’s ready, but no way is she going to get where she wants to go in
this life she’s leading now. Oh well... guess we’re going to have to destroy her
life to give her what she wants, tee hee tee hee! It was a truly sucky way to
transform, to go through the destruction of everything one has built in one’s adult
life, but I’m grateful for it to this day.

Was there a time that you remember having your original perception of reality challenged or stretched?

The interesting thing about beginning to do conscious spiritual work was just how
familiar it all felt. This whole instinctive language of the soul and of all of the
layers of what we call “reality” came flooding in very quickly. There was plenty of
stretching within that, though. but I have been lucky that most of my revelatory
experiences have been pretty gentle. I have only felt like I was truly going crazy a

few times along the way! What helped a lot was that I went to a psychic school
for three years, so I had a lot of guidance, a lot of support, and fellow travelers to
compare experiences with. That gave me a good base to jump off from into my
own individual path.

How would you describe yourself right now?

I’m an artist. I paint, draw, dance, make videos, create performance, connect the
dots. My creative work is the result of getting as present as I can be and asking
what is wanted in that space at that time, and answering that question as best I
can. Having the privilege to ask that question is the joy of my life. I’m saving the
world through art, still, after all this time.

What is your personal process with Spirit, creativity/ expression, and healing?

At this point I live without much distinction between spirituality, creative process
and healing. My experience is that all of those terms name something that
emerges from the same well. We are a story telling species, that’s how we make
meaning for ourselves in the context of being in the world, and there are so many
ways to name and tell about what is at the core of our human-being-ness...

How do you envision living your most beautiful life?

Right at this present time I am feeling some very exiting things simmering up,
though I don’t have any idea what form they will take. Right now it feels like it is
my job to be as open to the promptings of my creative energy and the voice of
the earth as I can possibly be. “Kinesthetic delight” is a term that is used in a
contemplative dance practice that I love very much: the pursuit of what feels
really really good, alive in one’s body right in the present moment. This new
thing, whatever it is, is calling from a distance and I just need to follow the trail of delight and aliveness.


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