Episode 7 ~ Alison Marra


Alison Marra is a mixed media artist, social explorer, feminist, and mom.  She shares with us her inner journey around the formation of boundaries, finding her voice, and the ability to say No.  She is an expert at riding the razors edge between resonance and dissonance, all in service of her curiosity, courage, and desire to uncover the truth.  We are honored to feature her and her work this month in our Stories of Awakening, and we hope that you find some encouragement and courage in our conversation! 

Alison has an exciting offering for our community of a project she is just beginning!  (Listen or watch until the end of our conversation for the full description).  She has hand-painted shirts from her NO Project available so that you too can make a personal/private or public and engaging statement with your body.  The shirts come in white or grey and are being sold to our community for $20.  Five dollars of each sale will be donated to Glits, an organization that advocates for the rights of transgendered sex workers.  You can follow the work of Glits on Instagram, Facebook,  and Twitter.   To reach out to Alison and request a shirt, DM her on Instagram (@_alisonmarra), or visit her website and either contact her through the "Contact" page or email her at [email protected] with your size.  Also, as mentioned at the end of the conversation, Alison will be introducing a podcast soon about the intersection between art and motherhood.  Follow her on Instagram to find out about this new offering and watch our newsletter, as we will feature it there as well!


Alison S. Marra is an abstract painter and mixed media artist whose work investigates themes of cultural femininity, human instinct, and the natural environment.

From 2007-2011, she completed murals in the lower Hudson Valley at Dance & Theater Arts Studios, Purpl, and Springhurst Elementary School. She has created and taught classes to adults on how to reclaim a creative life, and since 2013 she has been the artist in residence at Hillside Elementary School, where she guides students through art projects to supplement their social studies curriculum.

Alison lives with her partner and their daughters in Yonkers, NY, where she serves on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library. She works in the shared studio, Collective Art Space, in Dobbs Ferry, NY.


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