Episode 8 ~ Kaisa Anyi


In this special episode, Riza shares what she learned through her most recent birth experience that pertains to the journey of the transformational explorer.  Welcome to baby Kaisa Anyi and all the wisdom she brings!

What I learned from birth and how it relates to transformational process

Relax, you aren’t in control, it’s a collaboration between energies both known and unknown, inside and outside of you

The process of birth is “doing” you, not the other way around.  Your job is simply to:

  • Breathe deeply and fully
  • Relax as much as possible
  • Sensations of transformation don’t need to feel like pain unless they scare you
  • Find yourself in, and create, a Safe Space
  • Surround yourself with trusted allies
  • Ride the waves of effort and rest
  • Speak up for what you need, think, feel, want
  • Allow minor annoyances to melt off

Pushing through a natural period of rest does not win you any rewards, in fact it exhausts you so that you can’t show up when you are needed most

Stay present and loving with your body and the process

If you need to numb out, that is ok, you are not broken or lesser than

Numbing out, or dulling the sensations, for part of your process can free you up to relax more around the feelings of suffering, but it does require a considerable amount of added work to stay present, participatory, instinctual, and wise.

Sometimes we trade some of our freedom in favor of safety.  We can still have a positive outcome, but one is not inherently better than the other.  Both ends of the spectrum, and every point in between, come with benefits and challenges.

No two people will go through identical transformational experiences.  Every experience is equal, different, and steeped in meaning. Honor your process and celebrate the process of others!

In the end, the future needs to reach out towards the past, not the other way around.  We need to release and relax around the past completely and move our sense of future strongly towards the past to close the gap.  This is the circle of life, the shared breath of creation!


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