Episode 4 ~ Brenda Carolan


Brenda Carolan is a Portland Oregon based healer, artist, teacher, and sacred travel guide.  She has been making a huge impact in the lives of her private clients for years and is in a rapid path of current evolution in what she offers to her community at large.  Most recently, her Intuitive Painting classes and Sacred Tours of Egypt have been making some waves in the transformational communities, so we were delighted to find out more!

Special Offer:  Brenda is generously offering 20% off her Healing Sessions (in person or over phone / Skype / Zoom) and 20% off her Intuitive Painting Classes (private or small group) . Check out these offerings at www.brendacarolan.com.  If you would like to book them and receive your community discount, email her directly at [email protected] and mention Stories of Awakening.  This offer is given for one experience with Brenda only and will expire in August 2019! Watch the video to find out more about Brenda and her offerings!  

Brenda's Blog Entry ~ Where She Has Come From And Where She Is Going:  

Childhood: I was born into a very dysfunctional family. My father was verbally abusive, very angry, drank a lot, had affairs. My mother was a very secretive alcoholic and eventually died from it. My sister was super envious of me and when my mother died she stole everything from the estate. I was the scapegoat, black sheep, my fathers target. I don't have a family. It has given me tremendous freedom and tremendous pain. It was the sand to create my pearl.

As a child I was very shy, self conscious...super sensitive and abused. I shut down at an early age in order to survive. I read a lot and I remember playing outside and making potions with berries and mud and plants. I would also make forts out side in hollowed out bushes and spend lots of time in those safe worlds I created for myself. I started working very young as a babysitter and did just about anything to not have to be at home. I seemed normal on the outside, but so did our family. Middle class midwest family. One story that the external world saw, and another that went on behind closed doors.

I became really rebellious and defiant around 15/16 and started partying and hanging out with musicians, boys, misfits, partiers. I was always in trouble no matter what I did, so I did it anyway. I had an eating disorder and didn't even know it. I would have bouts of depression and no one noticed. there were so many problems and fights between my parents that making sure I was ok was the last thing on their list.

My parents sent me to a private catholic college thinking it would straighten me out. They had no idea that it was one of the naughtiest colleges. I got expelled at the end of my second year, and I didn't really care. People who knew me saw me as highly creative, I didn't see myself that way. I was in a woman's leadership training program during my 2 years at that school. That was way back in 1984-86. I think I intuitively stumbled into things, but I was so wounded, I really couldn't ever make anything work.

I was also in a physically abusive relationship on and off from 17-23. At 23 I finally left everyone. I packed my car, I had $1000 and I drove to Boulder with a friend and we lived there for a year. I had nothing to lose. In Boulder in the late 80's I discovered ecstasy and raves. Back then it was legal and was from Texas. Texas ex. They used it in therapy. That year in Boulder set me free. I moved to Denver, started Art School, had a nervous breakdown, sold my car to buy food and pay rent. I didn't have any support during that time. Native Americans call breakdowns breakthroughs.

I left Denver and went to Seattle with my friend....2 girls, 1 car, no direction, & very few belongings. We worked dumb jobs, hung out with musicians, free thinkers, artists. It was right before the whole grunge thing and Seattle was super fun! It showed me a whole new way of expression. I met my ex husband there and we moved in together.

Right after I moved in I went into a deep depression. A truly dark soul of the night. I had a therapist tell me I was too depressed to help and sent me to a Dr. who started putting me on all kinds of antidepressants. It was when they were first coming out and my body didn't do well on them. I quit taking them and started using herbs, I painted, I journaled. I discovered this magic esoteric library called As You Like it and it was full of occult and spiritual books. I met an astrologer and she said I would be healing with my hands. I started massage school. Finally something made sense to me, and I was good at it. I learned Reiki, met my first spiritual teacher, finished school. Taught reiki. Became a vegetarian. I started seeing healers. I worked with a 5th generation shaman from Russia. That all started in 96.

I've taken many leaps of faith! Some for survival, and some because I didn't know what else to do. When you have nothing to lose you develop tremendous courage.

I never would have imagined that I would become a powerful healer. The darkness from my childhood brought me into the light of my work. I've had many awakenings along the way. When I first met a sound healer 14 years ago she activated my soul memories from Egypt. Soon after I started my own business. I went through an intensive awakening from 2009-2013. I went to Mount Shasta over 30 times, went to Sedona, Big Island. I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening that lasted for 17 freaky months! Worked with many masters, teachers, mentors. Then I went through a divorce. He left without telling me he was leaving. I had very little money and once again....nothing to lose. I started intensive therapy with a super wise woman who also did hypnotherapy. I worked with her for over 3 years and was able to clear the trauma completely. I learned so much about trauma and how it shuts us down. Especially creatives, sensitives, and empaths.

I have chiron the wounded healer in my chart, I was born minutes away from the exactness of a full moon (I illuminate what is hidden). I had to walk through transformation many times over to know how to deeply help others and change their lives. I have a powerful soul that I now know how to listen to. Creativity is so important. I worked and worked on myself, never gave up, and I opened what had been shut down in me. I have had an intense devotion to my soul. To me, it is so important to express our soul, know our soul, live from our soul. I teach Intuitive painting to access the expression of the soul, I take people to Egypt to remember their soul, I do sessions that uncover the essence so that people can live from their soul. I have a lot of passion, inspiration, and joy that I share with others. Liberation is really important to me. The freedom to live as our essence, sitting in our power, unafraid, with an open heart, connecting to the divine, living in alignment with our purpose and soul expression....that, that is what I live for, and I create experiences for others to live that way as well.


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