Episode 2 ~ Steph'nie Hoffmann


Steph'nie's cross-pollination offer to our community is a Sample Platter Healing Session at 50% off!!  You can make an appointment by visiting her site at www.firehorsereiki.com .  Watch the conversation to hear more about this awesome offer!!

The Past:

Q:  How would you describe yourself when you were young?  

I grew up alone. As a young child in the city I would go to the backdoor of neighbors homes and get the occasional ding dong from the servants quarters. After age 10 we moved to the country and my only companions were the trees, the land, and the animals. I had a horse, Goldie, who was my sibling and constant companion from age 12 to 18. When I wasn’t out of doors or with my horse, I was in a book.

Q:  What were you passionate about and where did you think you were headed?  

I believed I was headed to DC to be a lobbyist. I was driven to know as much as possible and ‘succeed’ but I was mistaken on what success was defined...

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