One Time Drop In

A Drop-In Guidance Session is a great choice for someone with an established practice in growth work looking for a little boost of insight to move them forward on their path.  It is also great for someone who is interested in what it feels like to work with me, perhaps is interested in the Rise and Shine program, and simply wants to taste test our dynamic!  

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Transitions ~ Series of 4

This four session package is great for someone who has some grounding in personal practice but is going through a known transition and would like consistent mentorship and energetic holding through this process of transformation.  Riza is particularly skilled at creating thresholds of change and holding a steady container full of insight, acceptance, and belonging.

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Mastery ~ Series of 6

The 6 Session Series is geared towards someone looking to master specific skills or an area of growth. That could take us in the direction of learning the foundations of trauma repair, connecting with your own Primary Light Council in a steady and practiced way, or designing a new pathway timeline for your work in the world.  We will curate a series of sessions that will focus your intention and support you in manifesting your desired self-creation.

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"I have relied on Riza professionally for support and guidance and am perpetually wowed at how insightful, capable, and compassionate she can be. She can distill and articulate wisdom with masterful ease—a gift, turbocharged by her whole-heartedness. Riza continues to help align my life to the harmonies of love, compassion, and service, and I am so pleased to see her expanding these offerings, spreading light in the world. "

Kari Powell
Thai Massage Healer and Teacher

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