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A Drop-In Session is a great choice  for someone who is new to the work and interested in what it feels like to work with Riza.  Perhaps you are interested in the Graduated Growth Program and you simply want to taste test the dynamic before committing to the program.  A Drop-In is also appropriate if you have an established practice in growth work. and you are looking for a little boost of insight to move forward on your path.  Riza has worked with many leaders in the field of Transformational Self Evolution and cherishes the opportunity to help those in the field of helping.

1 Session for $175

Full Nest ~ Series of 4

This four session package is great for someone who wants to establish a strong foundation in transformational processes.  We will help you to connect to your unique pathway, your habitual or constitutional challenges, and use intuitive guidance to help you navigate forward.  These 4 sessions are designed to prepare you to graduate into self-directed group work.  On an individual basis and if space allows, you will not be evicted from The Nest if you feel the need for additional individual sessions before graduation or even while engaged in group work. 

Series of 4 for $600 ($150 each)

"I have relied on Riza professionally for support and guidance and am perpetually wowed at how insightful, capable, and compassionate she can be. She can distill and articulate wisdom with masterful ease—a gift, turbocharged by her whole-heartedness. Riza continues to help align my life to the harmonies of love, compassion, and service, and I am so pleased to see her expanding these offerings, spreading light in the world. "

Kari Powell
Thai Massage Healer and Teacher

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