Each month, our Celestial Stage Manager, Steph'nie Hoffmann, will bring you a forecast for the astrological cycle we are entering, so that you can know what to expect from the worlds around you!

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Welcome to Solar Aquarius!

In 1967, the opening song of the play HAIR and a band called The 5th Dimension brought the Age of Aquarius into popular culture. 

The Age of Aquarius, in astrology, is either the current (some say starting in 2000 or 2012) or forthcoming Astrological Age, (perhaps beginning when we celebrate the Spring Equinox in March, 2595) no one really knows for sure. Basically, it’s the beginning of a new Astrological Age. What is an Astrological Age, you may ask? Well, astrologers maintain that an Astrological Age is a product of the earth's slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2,160 years. Each Age enters one of the 12 zodiac signs, so, on average, it’s a 25,920-year period of precession.

That’s why it is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Its slow growth, people… Really SLOOOW. 

But when it changes, to my way of thinking, if you are paying attention, you can tell. Like going from fire into water. 

(For context, the Earth is moving RETROGRADE, or backwards, through the zodiac, therefore, the Age BEFORE Aquarius was the Piscine Age. That’s the fish. And do you know what the fish also represents? I will give you a hint:  According to well known astrologer Susan Miller, the age of Pisces ran from year 1-2000. That’s right… The time of Christ, and Christianity. And, as Ms. Miller points out, Pisces is considered the last sign of the zodiac, a compendium of all the signs that came before it, from Aries to Aquarius.)

And we either have already left it or are leaving it… sometime. 

And we are starting a whole new Age, maybe even a whole new Epoch.

However, whether or not we are in the AGE of Aquarius, we are certainly in the house of Aquarius for the next 29 days. Thus, as of January 20, 2020 through February 18, 2020, our little mini-age of Aquarius just might match a little of the lyrics from the song depicting the Aquarian ‘vibe.’

Remember how the song begins?

“When the Moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.” 

Keeping in mind that Mars is the planet of driving force and Jupiter is best known as aligning with the third eye and crown chakra. And the seventh house? The house of relationships, sometimes called the house of marriage. Looks kind of like marrying our feminine to our masculine sides, or even our higher and lower selves, doesn’t it?

Well, I'm no astrologer (I'm just the librarian who gathers information from the pros!) but I looked at the daily news and I’m pretty sure we haven’t yet created a marriage of our higher and lower selves. 

Why do I mention it?

Well, let’s start with some of the many qualities of Aquarius. 

Aquarians are known for being great multitaskers, friendly and sociable, and honest. They tend to like some unusual and unexpected things, and hate any justifications. Additionally, Aquarians are extremely gentle and kind, sensible and sensitive, and are also considered rational thinkers. Interestingly, they are capable of convincing everyone to do something that they feel right and reasonable; and can become rebels when they sense things are not right.

To get an idea of the classic Aquarius personality traits and types, check out some of the most famous Aquarians: Ellen DeGeneres, Charles Darwin, Shakira and Oprah Winfrey.  As Cosmo says: People who dance to their own beat, for sure.

Also, according to Elisabeth Jones, Aquarius sees possibilities in the edge of the future. In that way, it helps gain clarity of what you hope for in the future. 

Aquarius brings innovative ideas and ideas and solutions that help gain greater clarity. And take note: much of this will be technology and social media themed. 

Now, let’s toss in some of the other players in the line-up. 

During this period of time; the Sun and Moon are squaring Uranus, which is the planetary ruler of Aquarius. This will upset of status quo, in both your life and the collective. 

As Elisabeth says, expect something to change quickly or dramatically, but to right the ship, so to speak. 

Expect the unexpected. That’s big.

But there is another level to it. 

If you recall from last months’ Galactic forecast, the strong opening flavors of 2020 were all Capricornian in nature. 

Basically, she explains, we are always ‘swimming’ in the energetic waters of each New Year. Like imprinting. What happens in early January astrologically sets the theme for the year ahead. What set the theme for 2020 was a WHOLE LOT of planets in Capricorn. Thus, like entering a mall-like 2020  and immediately being sprayed by a Capricorn-selling perfume spritzer person as we walk in, we are going to carry the energetic frequency of Capricorn for the whole time we are here this year. 

Did I lose you? Let me use another image. 

In the 1993 sci-fi thriller Jurassic Park, an eccentric Billionaire buys an island to make a theme park. He could have done anything with his island – make a traditional theme park, or get a bunch of scientists together to come up with a way to repopulate the island with all the animals that have gone extinct in the last century. Whatever he got it into his mind to do. Well, this guy, he went for bringing back the dinosaurs. That’s his choice. It is, after all, his island. 

Early on in the movie, a baby dinosaur is hatching out of an egg and imprints on the theme park founder in an early scene. The thing with imprinting is that once something imprints on you, it’s drawn to you. It looks for you, listens for you. You feel like safety to it. It wants to walk into your living room, grab your remote, crawl up into your lap and eat you up. 

Well, there was so very much Capricornian energy in January when we came into 2020 that we imprinted on Capricorn but bad. It’s our North Star. Our reason for being. Now, I’m not gonna say we are choiceless, but we have been sprayed with the strong scent of our “Capricorn Directive”* and we can’t easily shake it. 

That kind of imprinting. 

Total love fest. 

And do you remember what YOU imprinted on in early January? Are you sure you are in LURVE with it? Because it’s going to OWN YOU for the rest of the year and, if you pick well, for a very long time. 

Basically, we imprinted on the idea that we have a goal, a life purpose, or activity, and just about all we do is supporting how we are going to meet it. 

This is what Elisabeth Jones called the Capricorn Directive. (Or your Cosmic Agenda.)

Basically, we imprinted on Capricorn like a baby Chick (or a dinosaur.) and now we are continuing on with that. 

Manifesting a new reality, really. 

Like bringing the dinosaurs back. 

It’s that big.

And… uncontrollable.

So, thankfully, (FINALLY! We get to Aquarius!) here comes good old Solar Aquarius, like Seth Goldblum, and starts poking around in our plans, asking questions.

Like: Just because you can raise dinosaurs, does that mean you should? (Is this REALLY what you want to do with your one island?)

And: Are you SURE you want to breed RAPTORS?  (Theme parks are nice, but maybe bring back the koala lemurs!) (OMG! Look it up!)

And: Can you be SURE they won’t breed? (Because Life ALWAYS Finds a Way!?! And what if, just WHAT IF what you create becomes way larger than your ego could ever have dreamed? What will it look like then?)

Well, you get my drift. I’ve said it before, and this goes for the heavy capabilities to manifest in all of 2020; be careful what and how you build your New World because new ideas and creations can really get wind in this astrological environment. 

And yet, it is your island, after all. 

Bringing it back…

Solar Aquarius brings focus to old ways of doing things that block forward progress.

So you get an increased urge to seek out fresh perspectives and bring in new opportunity to your life and your field of activity.

And you get creative. Ground it. Create an actual plan. Get slapped down to readjust your sights, tinker, move forward. You know; you do the work. 

(BTW: Visualization is super powerful right now – but then 2020 is a very powerful year for manifestation, I already said that. So how about you spend more time sitting and visualizing and less time getting slapped down and picking yourself up… takes less energy and is less painful.)

SO accept that the Universe is helping you to create! (Good and Bad – it doesn’t care WHAT you create, just that you do so!) And the best advice is to be curious and invite in what you wouldn’t usually invite in, and give it a good look-see. Because 2020 is a powerful year of creation and manifestation, yes, but also because you are making bedfellows for a long time to come. Pick well, but look for celestial (and REAL!) surprises to help you on your goal path. (Spirit won’t do it for you, but they can sure drop hints like a pro!)

Down to brass tacks – how to ground this thing:

Jan 26th to 28th– Venus and Neptune are pissing off war-like Mars. (Called a Square, in astrological terms) and this can… Fuel fanaticism and extreme behavior. Not a great time to talk about belief systems. Things can turn ugly, and fast, even if you feel like it’s an easy conversation. Just stay in your heart and DO NOT get baited into a fight. That’s 25th through 29th, but I wouldn’t have any tough conversations on the New Moon on Friday January 24th either. Just sayin’. 

Feb 3rd. Mercury is in Pisces until March 4th. Pisces is inspiring and imaginative but also spacey, vague, unclear and illusive. Put Mercury (communications and information) into that fog, and things will be like pinning down smoke. It will be fuzzy and hard to focus mentally. And this is also true for others. Misunderstandings will be the norm. So avoid jumping to conclusions without all the facts. (Which may be squirrelly, already.) But consult your intuition, as its going to be in its proper waters. Nice side effect: This will greatly enhance spiritual endeavors. 

Feb 7th Venus is in Aries until March 4th – And During this time, with good reason, you will put yourself first. You will be inclined to express the truth of how you feel, and yes, it could be too self centered, but it can also serve you well.  Partnerships forming at this time will address the needs and agendas of everyone involved as they will really be honoring their own interests at this time. And that can be a really good thing. Lee Iacocca said: "I never made a deal of any lasting value unless the other guy felt he won something too." Overall, have fun. Oh, and don’t take yourself too seriously. 

Stay aware of what you see Mid-month in February; with the Piscine influx, things are gonna get very spiritual mid February just before Feb 23rd

Feb 16th – Mars is in Capricorn – Time to pick which of the excellent ideas you just have had, take a handle on it, be proactive and bold, and direct and utilize your time and efforts to your single goal. Mars in Capricorn is imprinting more on the ‘Capricorn Directive’, so it’s a great 6 week period for finding and narrowing in on your resolutions and your chosen activity. 

And then, on Feb 16th, Mercury goes retrograde until March 9th. This is the first retrograde in 2020 and a great time to reflect on the year thus far. Ask yourself: “in the first 6-7 weeks, did I take a tangent or am I on track with my goals thus far?” If off track, readjust. 

Like in Jurassic Park. Breeding dinosaurs seemed like a good idea, but one velociraptor almost eating the kids taught them something before the park opened.  Unpleasant experience, sure, but good information to have. And at just the right moment before they let in hoards of tasty new school children to eat. 

(In real life, you are less likely to be eaten by a T-Rex or velociraptor; but we might be in for an earthquake or volcano or extreme weather. Have an extra candle and set of matches around just in case…)

Two last points: Feb 8th is a Super Moon full moon – this highlights your tribe and your place in the tribe. It’s a great time to honor who you truly are and those friends who are supporting your dreams. 

And remember; avoid being reactive and caught up in melodrama. (When the dinosaurs see you, DON’T MOVE!)

Takeaway: Hang out with your friends and groups that you are drawn to (as well as those who are drawn to you) as they may become significant over time, watch for surprising events helping you along, let go of anything that wants to leave, and be certain you want what you are building. 

Because fun theme park or dinosaur feeding grounds; it’s your island and you can make it into anything you want it to be. Dream Big. You can do anything! (Even make a Heaven on Earth!)

As the song ends…

“Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius “

PS: Want a rock in your pocket to help things go smoothly? Grab some Selenite to take along on the ride. Selenite helps encourage clear thinking as well as accessing higher dimensions. Holding Selenite is said to help access deep memories, even past lives. (If you believe in that type of thing; you can bet a prior, or future, version of yourself has tools to share that will help you as you create your masterpiece!)

In peace, love, and creativity- Steph’nie

Welcome to Solar Capricorn!

On December 22nd, the sun entered the personality and arena of Capricorn. For those of you who do not know, Capricorn is an Earth sign, grounded and all business. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, which is a planet of limitations, lessons and restrictions. 

From December 22, 2019 to January 19, 2020, the energies of this solar placement are foundationally placed in the areas of loyalty, hard work, being a team player, and being ambitious as well.

The image for these times is much like the 1988 action thriller film Die Hard. At the beginning of the film, Bruce Willis is uneasy and vulnerable (make fists with your toes) as he returns to his wife’s place of work to try and reconcile during the Christmas holiday. For the next two hours, he goes from watching and hiding from terrorists to combat/action and back to rest and recover mode several times. This contraction and expansion with periods of forced rest (like to remove the glass from his feet) is similar to where we are headed. Throughout the movie, Bruce is completely and loyally focused on his estranged wife and her safety, and he has to work supremely hard to get authorities on his side, and slowly but surely remove the obstacles in his path to his loved one. By the end of the movie, Bruce has been through the wringer, but he defeats his demons and gets his girl back. 

This January is sure to be as high powered and intense as an action thriller film. 

Astrologically, several events are occurring that are illustrative of fate and karma and cosmic destinies in play. Examine your own life at this time: do you feel like there is something big, some grand idea or project, that is growing in your mind? Not just in your mind, but starting to get legs on the ground? Well, buckle up, Buttercup, because in these astrological frequencies, things are able to get wings in this environment. 

And that means both good and bad. It is very VERY important to be as honest and forthright as possible in your planning, words, and activities as you can be. As Elizabeth Jones puts it: “it’s like the “Karma Cops” are seeing everything, and they have a long memory!”

The best advice this period of time has to offer is to remember that Capricorn is a dedicated and grounded builder. Especially if you are building a business, once you have ensured that you are building on sure and stable (and HONEST) ground, you are ready to put the work in. But BEWARE that you are building a bed you want to sleep in! As Allen Raine put it: “You may get to the very top of the ladder, and then find it has not been leaning against the right wall.” That would be most unfortunate in these times. 

Remember, Capricorn rules the zodiac’s tenth house of career and achievement. This month’s frequencies will help you be a little more Capricornian in your planning, patience and persistence as well. Capricorns love their work because they are dedicated professionals who love to plan and set goals, and work is their play. Since Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat, this is the space of being quite comfortable with building a legacy by steadily walking the rocky uphill climb of life. Unlike other signs, Capricorns expect life to present a few bumps along the way, and even when they get discouraged, which is rare, they don’t let an obstacle stop them for long.

So embrace the Capricorn in you and enjoy the extra gust of Capricornian wind beneath your sails. 

What to watch out for - being overly serious, suspicious or critical. Remember there will be readjustments that need to be made to co-create with universe and these corrections are necessary but can be uncomfortable.** Bruce Willis had a lot of things go wrong before they went right, but he just fell back and regrouped. He bitched a lot, that’s fine, but he patched up and went looking for another way in. Do not let your ego slide into traits of being melancholy or being unforgiving when you take a life lesson hit to the ego. Take it all in stride.  Make a plan, stop and listen, rest. Create when you have great bursts of energy and be honest with your creation. There is much to be revealed and must to be set into motion, and it’s just the beginning of a very long cycle, so be sure and listen to your heart to ensure that what you are building is what you want to live with as a long term emotional and physical investment. 

Look deep. 

This is really happening. 

This is not a test. 

Good luck and a personal note from me: Bring your tribe in close and, if possible, exercise the traits of Consensual Leadership: Trading roles of leadership according to who is calmest, clearest, and most creative in a given situation. Do this, and everyone gets to rest, everyone gets to lead, and the entire community benefits.

All my love in your creation. Enjoy the process. 



** Wondering which stone you might want to have in your pocket for the next few weeks? Pyrite would be a great pocket stone. Pyrite is a stone of pure masculine energy. It works directly with the solar plexus, providing a massive boost to one’s willpower and directing this energy towards overcoming bad habits, allowing one to build a strong foundation for new healthy patterns, and a constant flow of positive energy. Pyrite is of great help in overcoming anxiety and helps develop an unstoppable mindset towards whatever one decides to achieve. It aids in facing fear, as well as negative influences, and gives the courage to stand up. Pyrite strongly stimulates creative energy and amplifies the qualities of ambition, commitment, and persistence.  Its vibrations promote strong resolve and confidence. This stone also boosts one’s mental clarity and focus in all matters, and supports taking assertive action. It awakens the inner warrior for the benefit of the self and of all. 

And, as it is also called “Fools Gold”, Pyrite helps find genuine value in things without getting tied up in their monetary value, or placing too great an emphasis on possessions or money. 

Sun in Sagittarius  – Be Optimistic, direction, Wisdom and Love. Less is more – just take your hat and your staff (or your shoes and your whip?)

Welcome to Sun in Sagittarius November 22 through December 23rd, 2019.  This is the 9th house of higher learning and philosophy and it’s a lovely place to rest after the shenanigans came home to roost this past Scorpio season.

The Sagittarius energy is a philosophical, religious and scholarly one who has great enthusiasm and optimism. Thus are they always striving for the farthest stars, setting their arrows to that farthest goals and following through to reach them. This is a wonderful place to be – the ninth house of philosophy – the search for meaning in the world. The search for your place in the cosmos. 

And this is where you are!

And do you know what other energies are in the celestial room with you? BIG ONES! 

From November 23 to 26th, 2019, we are also traveling right by the center of the milky way galaxy and we have two gorgeous travel companions along with us – Jupiter the planet of Wisdom and Venus the planet of love. Asking to align to your highest frequency as you fall asleep each night during this time is a request that is likely to be heard and loudly answered. 

It’s a great time to ask yourself what would you do if you couldn’t fail?

The image for these times is much like the opening scenes of the Harrison Ford movie Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Is there a part of you that is not “just” a mild mannered professor of archaeology; but also an adventurer who wants to be asked to do what you are uniquely qualified to do and save the world? Are you bored of being in the classroom and pining to take your wool fedora (hat) and whip off the wall and put the tools you’ve gained in your personal transformation to good use?

Well, it may just be your time; or at least time to pay attention to the signs that your call is coming soon!

Like the archer that Sagittarius represents, or perhaps the arrow itself, now is the time, with wisdom and hope, to break free of what holds you back. Be it old belief systems or personal situations; the sun in Sagittarius offers insight and the sense of adventure to ‘see’ what is possible, and go for it!

Sound a little like last month? Sure, but then, you were ready but the retrograde of Mars was holding you back, pulling you backward like the energetic bow that sets things in motion, literally making sure you’d packed everything you need and turned off the stove. Now, with the new moon on the 26th of November, you are ready to lock the door and walk away. 

But remember, as God told Jesus, travel light – just wear your sandals and take a staff. Everything else will be provided for. 

The best advice this period of time is do what you ARE CALLED TO DO rather than what your ego says you ‘SHOULD do.’  Jupiter will shed light on what you are called to do – what you are drawn to – and all you need do is follow the light in your heart hat clearly matches. After all, when the war department came knocking, there was no way Indie could say no – it was the adventure of a lifetime and he was made for the job. You too, are arguably the only person who can do what the Universe is calling you to do – you literally incarnated here and now for this very purpose. You cannot miss this boat; its coming for the express purpose of getting you to take your rightful place at the helm. 

What to watch out for – Over committing.  Don’t do more than you are needing to do, as you don’t know what is coming for you and you will want to be able to say yes when the right moment comes along. 


The Sagittarius  new moon brings fresh possibilities and ideas – your overall attitude and new options – a sense of adventure of what is possible and what to look for. The visionary and dreamer is asking ‘what is possible?’ and ‘what is my greater potential?’  When you are in a crossroads or dilemma, don’t try to figure things out – just stay in the flow and you will discover more if you do. The urge to break free of whatever is holding you back – a life situation or old attitudes – might come up*. One way to work with this is to ask different questions and seek counsel from places you wouldn’t normally do. (Caution – don’t be impulsive or get sidetracked… if you are pulled by a crazy idea, great, but take a few days to be sure it’s your perfect crazy idea!)

* Are you gathering a a group of people this next 28 days? Do you own a cluster of Clear Quartz or Amethyst? This is a great time to place a cluster ( several points with a common base ) around you, or in a group room where people gather to reveal underlying essential truths.

(Did you write a journal this past Scorpio season? Take a moment to read through it with a new perspective for surprising ‘ah-ha’ ideas.) 

We have stepped over the threshold from balance-loving Libra Sun to Scorpio season and its revving up to be a doozy!  Thanks to Mars, the God of War, coupled with Pluto, the dark night before the rebirth, this period is a planetary powerhouse of transformation and rebirth to our higher potential. These two planets will be laying waste in a variety of ways to even the score on anything that was revealed to be out of balance
during Libra season last month, and it’s a great time to turn off your social media and TV sets, because
there may be a good amount of drama attached to people (and institutions) who do not want to let go of that which is not in the highest truth.
Like the complicated and mesmerizing layering of a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, the varied layers of humankind will be either getting some leveling blows or getting a step up to hear their higher selves this 29 day period as Sun moves through Scorpio, the house of death and rebirth. We are all together on this musical stage, and it is best that you keep to your own score as those around you are singing theirs.  Strong boundaries are required as we each play our part.
The best advice for this period of time is to listen closely to your inner self, be impeccable with your word,
and stay out of any unnecessary drama in other people’s lives. Much like playing speed chess in the middle of a bar fight; its best to concentrate on your game, don’t make eye contact, and don’t get drawn into other people’s drama. Chances are, the difficulties you see others going through is a necessary part of their growth and any attempt to stop and help them on their path will be a colossal lesson in boundaries for you both.
October 23rd through November 21st this year will see us not only glimpsing our greater potential (it’s a very, very good time to invest in a journal and write for 30 days, people) but it is also a time where
anything out of balance has to fall away to make room for the new start next month when Sagittarius
will be waiting to give us a fresh, new start – that is, as long as we have dealt with anything and
everything that needed to be cleared out of the way and addressed from our old life so that we can begin anew.
Keep grounded. Keep your focus and determination on what you want, LISTEN CLOSELY TO SPIRIT, and let the transformative position of Sun in Scorpio lead you to your highest potential; do that, and you will be using the energies of this time period to great advantage. Good luck and remember – these are energies that cannot be pushed; just relax and keep curious. This is Halloween and the veils are thin so that Spirit can help us join up with our truest selves!
Happy All Hallows Eye, All Saints Day, and Dia De Los Muertos! Let your ancestors share their wisdom,
and listen and journal… you will be happy you did come Sagittarius season!
* Recommended you wear or carry black tourmaline with you for a month or so to keep the darker
energies from your path and remember to journal for 28 days and then read the messages you have brought to light during this mystical time. There may be some very important ideas from your future self hidden away in there when you look at your journal with new eyes!

Energies are building people! Welcome to Solar Libra – From now until October 22nd, the planets are whispering energetically to everyone on the planet to make changes and adjustments in their lives to create BALANCE.  On the great transition of Equinox, September 23rd, lots of planets will be forcing change and the last months of 2019 will begin speeding up.  That means that we are each being given the energetic equivalent of a small stick of dynamite to place in the one area of your life that you think is balanced, exciting, and ready to fly true! This is a great time for choosing that one dream wisely!

This month will also encourage you to find balance in your imbalances. Especially in relationships at home or work.  If there is a power imbalance, it is best to have some open (even if difficult) conversations, because your choice is to have a firecracker go off in your open hand, thus a few surface burns, or hold your fist tightly around the firecracker and lose the hand entirely. Make no mistake, the longer you put off taking back your power, the more the decision will be forcefully (and possibly explosively) made for you by these planetary alignments – all for your greater good, of course!*

If your house is in order, however, and you are balanced and have your intention set on one creative goal that will give you joy and let your own light shine, this will be a fantastic month to give it wings and let it fly! Just like dynamite has a fuse, your job is to do one action, no matter how small, to light the fuse and step back, keep your eye on the prize, and celebrate as the universe brings your life into alignment with your goal.  Do not take your eye off your goal or get distracted by other people wanting your time and energy, and do not fret if it takes a while for all the pieces to fall into place. Most of all: do not fiddle with your firecracker when you think the fuse has blown out! This is like a universal detonation cord. Divine timing has braided a lot we can’t see into the perfect burn-time before your energetic take off.  Once you do the work of placing your energetic TNT where you want it (chose carefully! This is not a time to try and do two – or twelve  - things at once!) just stand back and see what universe can do for you!

* We recommend you wear or carry rose quartz with you for a month or so to keep these interactions and conversations heart centered and to retain your empathy for others and self. 


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