Each month, our Celestial Stage Manager, Steph'nie Hoffmann, will bring you a forecast for the astrological cycle we are entering, so that you can know what to expect from the worlds around you!

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We have stepped over the threshold from balance-loving Libra Sun to Scorpio season and its revving up to be a doozy!  Thanks to Mars, the God of War, coupled with Pluto, the dark night before the rebirth, this period is a planetary powerhouse of transformation and rebirth to our higher potential. These two planets will be laying waste in a variety of ways to even the score on anything that was revealed to be out of balance
during Libra season last month, and it’s a great time to turn off your social media and TV sets, because
there may be a good amount of drama attached to people (and institutions) who do not want to let go of that which is not in the highest truth.
Like the complicated and mesmerizing layering of a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, the varied layers of humankind will be either getting some leveling blows or getting a step up to hear their higher selves this 29 day period as Sun moves through Scorpio, the house of death and rebirth. We are all together on this musical stage, and it is best that you keep to your own score as those around you are singing theirs.  Strong boundaries are required as we each play our part.
The best advice for this period of time is to listen closely to your inner self, be impeccable with your word,
and stay out of any unnecessary drama in other people’s lives. Much like playing speed chess in the middle of a bar fight; its best to concentrate on your game, don’t make eye contact, and don’t get drawn into other people’s drama. Chances are, the difficulties you see others going through is a necessary part of their growth and any attempt to stop and help them on their path will be a colossal lesson in boundaries for you both.
October 23rd through November 21st this year will see us not only glimpsing our greater potential (it’s a very, very good time to invest in a journal and write for 30 days, people) but it is also a time where
anything out of balance has to fall away to make room for the new start next month when Sagittarius
will be waiting to give us a fresh, new start – that is, as long as we have dealt with anything and
everything that needed to be cleared out of the way and addressed from our old life so that we can begin anew.
Keep grounded. Keep your focus and determination on what you want, LISTEN CLOSELY TO SPIRIT, and let the transformative position of Sun in Scorpio lead you to your highest potential; do that, and you will be using the energies of this time period to great advantage. Good luck and remember – these are energies that cannot be pushed; just relax and keep curious. This is Halloween and the veils are thin so that Spirit can help us join up with our truest selves!
Happy All Hallows Eye, All Saints Day, and Dia De Los Muertos! Let your ancestors share their wisdom,
and listen and journal… you will be happy you did come Sagittarius season!
* Recommended you wear or carry black tourmaline with you for a month or so to keep the darker
energies from your path and remember to journal for 28 days and then read the messages you have brought to light during this mystical time. There may be some very important ideas from your future self hidden away in there when you look at your journal with new eyes!

Energies are building people! Welcome to Solar Libra – From now until October 22nd, the planets are whispering energetically to everyone on the planet to make changes and adjustments in their lives to create BALANCE.  On the great transition of Equinox, September 23rd, lots of planets will be forcing change and the last months of 2019 will begin speeding up.  That means that we are each being given the energetic equivalent of a small stick of dynamite to place in the one area of your life that you think is balanced, exciting, and ready to fly true! This is a great time for choosing that one dream wisely!

This month will also encourage you to find balance in your imbalances. Especially in relationships at home or work.  If there is a power imbalance, it is best to have some open (even if difficult) conversations, because your choice is to have a firecracker go off in your open hand, thus a few surface burns, or hold your fist tightly around the firecracker and lose the hand entirely. Make no mistake, the longer you put off taking back your power, the more the decision will be forcefully (and possibly explosively) made for you by these planetary alignments – all for your greater good, of course!*

If your house is in order, however, and you are balanced and have your intention set on one creative goal that will give you joy and let your own light shine, this will be a fantastic month to give it wings and let it fly! Just like dynamite has a fuse, your job is to do one action, no matter how small, to light the fuse and step back, keep your eye on the prize, and celebrate as the universe brings your life into alignment with your goal.  Do not take your eye off your goal or get distracted by other people wanting your time and energy, and do not fret if it takes a while for all the pieces to fall into place. Most of all: do not fiddle with your firecracker when you think the fuse has blown out! This is like a universal detonation cord. Divine timing has braided a lot we can’t see into the perfect burn-time before your energetic take off.  Once you do the work of placing your energetic TNT where you want it (chose carefully! This is not a time to try and do two – or twelve  - things at once!) just stand back and see what universe can do for you!

* We recommend you wear or carry rose quartz with you for a month or so to keep these interactions and conversations heart centered and to retain your empathy for others and self. 


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