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All Day Transformational Retreat

~ Santa Monica, CA ~

10am to 9pm Saturday April 27th
Lunch, Dinner, and All Materials provided!

Are you in need of a transformational experience, but you don't have the time for a full retreat?  We know the feeling and we also know how important it is to make the time to upgrade and refresh the tools we have and our connection to our personal journey.

With this inspiration in mind, the folks at Full Awakening are planning a full day of healing, ceremony, art-making, introspection, nourishment, and self-care! 

The retreat will be held in the intimate environment of a private home on the beach and we will cover a number of different topics.  We will start with a Foundations Class (see description below in Past Events listing), during which we will provide you with our artfully curated Foundations Kit (follow the hyperlink to go to our School of Ceremony page for more information!)

From there we will ground our work with guided art making, shared meals, time for walking on the beach and connecting to the power of nature, as well as time to share our stories and discoveries. 

We will complete our time with a Hope Seed CeremonyThrough this popular ceremony, Riza will guide us into a deeper connection with our true purpose here on Earth and the opportunity to connect to our sense of commitment in being here now

No more holding back!

Our entire journey will be aided and supported by live music and sound baths performed by professional musician and fellow spiritual seeker, Rachel Trumbore!

This intimate journey will be limited to the first 10 participants to sign up!   If you feel called to this offering, we would be delighted to share this special day with you!!

 All inclusive retreat fee is $450

Two payment plans offered!

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Past Events

Break Away from your daily ritual and learn to create a new rhythm that will serve your desired life creation!

Soul Tribe Ceremony ~ San Diego

Our first Soul Tribe Ceremony will be held in San Diego at the beautiful Four Moons Spa and Event Space.  

We are planning a special Break-Away Event of expression, connection, healing, and revelation.  Just what you need to move forward on your path towards the most joyful life of your own creation!  What is it that brings you Joy?

From the Event Transcription:

So we find ourselves at this crossroads… at this junction place.

At this place of incredible opportunity.

Where the rug of life is being pulled out from underneath us and shaken.

Shaken mightily; and placed back down.

And what will we create?

It's all about love.

It’s all about love.

It's all about how we love ourselves. How we love each other. How we love the Earth.

It's about the perfection of our infinite hearts and the imperfection of our human lives.

We balance the two.

It's about our stories.

It’s about the stories that we tell that make our lives more beautiful.

The stories that we tell that take us down to our knees.



Soul Tribe Ceremony ~ Portland OR

Full Awakening returns to Portland to stir the energies of the Grand Gateway of Dreamers!

Gather round and weave some stories, share a meal, receive deep healing through words, sound, and meditation. Together we will prepare the seeds of inspiration for our Fall into hibernation and retreat. 

As Autumn energies move through us we will harvest all that has come before and prepare for the great silent void of creation. From the center of this velvety void, we will birth something new together.

From the Event Transcription:

Its about Power

And our relationship with power

Its about how we try to take power

That isn't ours

And how we can't even use it. . . .

How we hold

How we honor

How we sanctify

The Divine Feminine

In this world

Is really up for question right now

Because we really don't know how

And we don't remember 

We see the power inherent in women

And we want to possess it . . .



Foundations Class ~ Brookfield IL

Create a Sacred Space at Home!

Humans are fundamentally ritualistic creatures.  This class is an invitation to slow down and come into a deeper state of connection with your heart, your home, and self-care.  Having a sacred space in your home gives you a hands-on way to meditate, a practical process to connect with the energies that support and protect you, as well as a fun way to mark the changes happening in the season and in your family’s life.  


In this interactive class, each participant will receive a beautifully curated and consciously sourced Foundations Kit with everything you need to start your own sacred space.


Riza is a healing practitioner with over 13 years of experience with leading groups and individuals in creating a unique process with Spirit.  Her teachers come from many different global traditions, but her greatest teacher has been direct experience. She welcomes you to learn the foundational skills you need to see your life bloom in connection with the energies that guide you!

This class was held at Focus Om Studio in Brookfield, IL.  Check out their website for more fun offerings from Full Awakening coming soon!

You don't need to wait for this offering to come to a town near you, we offer the Foundation Kits and pair this with an intensive online video teaching available to you now!  Visit our School of Ceremony page to learn more!

"I have relied on Riza professionally for support and guidance and am perpetually wowed at how insightful, capable, and compassionate she can be. She can distill and articulate wisdom with masterful ease—a gift, turbocharged by her whole-heartedness. I am honored to also add that she officiated my wedding, and did an absolutely stellar job of it. The wedding was predominantly about creating a new family tapestry, and we could not have enlisted a better weaver. Riza continues to help align my life to the harmonies of love, compassion, and service, and I am so pleased to see her expanding these offerings, spreading light in the world."

Kari Powell
Healer and Teacher

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