Hey Mama!

Welcome to your window of respite,

a space to breathe,

time to reflect,

and a community of mamas who get you. 

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For a Limited Time we are offering the opportunity to join the Mama Restoration Club for free! 

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The Mama Restoration Club is a space for moms to recover, reflect, and deeply connect.


The "growth opportunities" of 2020 have stretched most of us right up to (and beyond!) our limits. 

Life right now is tough and motherhood makes it tougher. 

You may feel like

you can't stop,

can't rest,

can't turn away. 

Mothers who identify as highly sensitive, empathic, deep feelers have an even harder time staying balanced.  Motherhood can be a hero's journey, a space for radical transformation, if we let it be.


We can claim this space of solace and solidarity. 

A dedicated time, to come together and reflect, breathe, create, and grow. 


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Club Membership

$120/ month

  • Weekly Live Group Class with Riza, for between 90 minutes and 2 hours on Tuesdays starting at 3pm PST / 5pm CST
  • Access to an online Resource Guide 
  • Video and Audio recordings of the live journey meditation, teaching, and activity from class each week
  • A diverse collection of gifts from guest practitioners
  • Family Favorite Recipes contributed by mamas in the community
  • Inclusion in our Private Mama Community on Facebook
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Resource Guide Self-Study

$33/ month

For Mamas Who Can't Be With Us Live

  • Access to an online Resource Guide 
  • Video and Audio recordings of the live journey meditation, teaching, and activity from class each week
  • diverse collection of gifts from guest practitioners
  • Family Favorite Recipes contributed by mamas in the community
  • Inclusion in our Private Mama Community on Facebook
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Riza is an incredible Wise Woman, facilitator, and teacher. She bravely leads individuals and groups through meditations on grounding, heart space, personal growth, and more. She is able to articulate complex dynamics from energy to spirit to psyche. I highly recommend working with Riza.


I have relied on Riza professionally for support and guidance and am perpetually wowed at how insightful, capable, and compassionate she can be. She can distill and articulate wisdom with masterful ease—a gift, turbocharged by her whole-heartedness.