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Joining the Magnetic Heart Membership Circle with Full Awakening is a great way to invest in regular levels of ongoing support and inspiration. Enter a a rich community of folks navigating the same waters!

Easy Nourishment to Illuminate your Path

This circle is intended to sit in the center of all we do at Full Awakening.  We use the focus work from a monthly Self-Reflection Survey to harvest pertinent information about how the energies of transformation are moving through people's lives. 

That information is then digested and becomes something timely, sacred, easy, and nourishing to support you wherever you are on your journey!  A new Guided Meditation and Teaching is offered into your Audio Archive at the end of each month, helping you to understand and integrate the experiences you have had over the last month and preparing you for the next with practical tools and suggestions.

The Magnetic Heart membership is designed to be a beautiful way to passively receive nourishment each month through the Magnetic Heart Audio Companion.  

Membership is just $11 a month!

Feed my heart!

The Magnetic Heart Audio Companion is our primary offering to the collective. 

This monthly collection of audio mp3 downloads is designed to provide timely meditations, perspectives, teachings and conversations you can take with you anywhere.  These are podcast-style mp3s ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour each, harvested from our Stories of Awakening Series and including a unique Guided Meditation and Channeled Teaching that is found nowhere but in this Audio Companion.  In addition to these two primary offerings, the Audio Companion will also receive periodic bonus materials from our live ceremonial circles and workshops! 

Sample an Audio Mp3

Online Community of Belonging

Its important to feel in good company as you go through any transformational process.  We host an online community on FaceBook so that you can share your experiences, questions, and revelations with others on the path of awakening. 

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Curious but still not sure?

Join the Magnetic Heart Circle for FREE for one month and see if it is right for you!

"Riza is an incredible Wise Woman, facilitator, and teacher. She bravely leads individuals and groups through meditations on grounding, heart space, personal growth, and more. She is able to articulate complex dynamics from energy to spirit to psyche. I highly recommend working with Riza."

Katerina Mikula

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