This site is dedicated to the concentric circles of community gathering around the common mission to Awaken.


To awaken to what, you may ask? We intend to awaken to Life, to the expansive nature of our infinite hearts, and to the purpose with which we each chose to come into form at this time and place. As philosophical as that may sound, we have found that this idea of Awakening can and perhaps must be applied to daily life. In this time of transformation and healing for our consciousness and our planet, the Hero’s Quest is not for some, it is for all, and so the tools must be made available to all. Full Awakening aims to bring practical tools, inspiring perspectives, and a grounded container for a global community of seekers to be seen and actualized, for the greatest possible good of all.


This project is being brought to life by a powerful circle of four with the grounding rod held by Riza Noyama-Zee, who has identified “Full Awakening” as her personal mission to bring into her life and work, as well as being her message to share with the world. Through the cultivation of her relationship with the Elementals as well as her channeled communication with the spirits that form “The Council of 17”, she will bring us practices, meditations, and teachings presented in a rich array of multimedia experiences and live events. These offerings have been culled and tested from her own training as a ceremonialist and conscious evolutionary explorer over the past 29 years.


The Full Awakening Team is hard at work to bring these offerings to you at different levels of engagement, that have the intention of meeting you where you are now and helping you get to where you would like to be.

Unfolding Into Earth Service

The Mission of Full Awakening is to profoundly impact the individual's ability, desire, and support needed to fold inward towards healing, wholeness, and divine expression. Our intention in focusing inward in this way to create the basis for unfolding towards the love and care of others and the planet. We welcome you to visit our Earth Service sister project called The Hope Seed Project. In the coming months and years our global events will reflect the union of these two missions as they weave in and out in a double helix of change.


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