Live Break-Away Events

Soul Tribe Ceremony ~ San Diego

Our first Soul Tribe Ceremony will be held in San Diego at the beautiful Four Moons Spa and Event Space.  

We are planning a special Break-Away Event of expression, connection, healing, and revelation.  Just what you need to move forward on your path towards the most joyful life of your own creation!  What is it that brings you Joy?

We are capping this Ceremony at 20 folks, so sign up today to participate!

Tuition: $111

Soul Tribe Ceremony ~ Portland OR

Full Awakening returns to Portland to stir the energies of the Grand Gateway of Dreamers!

Gather round and weave some stories, share a meal, receive deep healing through words, sound, and meditation. Together we will prepare the seeds of inspiration for our Fall into hibernation and retreat. 

Break Away from your daily ritual and learn to create a new rhythm that will serve your desired life creation!

As Autumn energies move through us we will harvest all that has come before and prepare for the great silent void of creation. From the center of this velvety void, we will birth something new together.

Save my Spot!

Live Travel Sessions!

These special Deep Dive sessions will only be available when Riza travels for Soul Tribe Ceremonies. These 4 sessions will be held the day before the ceremony for individuals in the community that would like specific and focused attention on their individual stage of growth. These are unique opportunities to work with Riza and her personal style of channeling the advice and wisdom from an ongoing, collaborative conversation with your Light Council and the Council of 17. These are limited and we expect them to fill quickly since Riza no longer offers one on one sessions outside of the Rise and Shine Mentorship Program. These healing sessions can catapult your evolution from a place of stagnation, or a place of confusion, into a whole new realm of flow and manifestation. We consider these sessions to be a special gift we can offer to communities hosting Break-Away events! Sessions are 75 minutes long and the reciprocity is set at $222.

To see if a one-on-one healing intensive is right for you, call Stephanie at 971 . 678 . 5239 with your session request and questions today!

Time to "Soul Tribe Ceremony ~ Portland!"

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"I have relied on Riza professionally for support and guidance and am perpetually wowed at how insightful, capable, and compassionate she can be. She can distill and articulate wisdom with masterful ease—a gift, turbocharged by her whole-heartedness. I am honored to also add that she officiated my wedding, and did an absolutely stellar job of it. The wedding was predominantly about creating a new family tapestry, and we could not have enlisted a better weaver. Riza continues to help align my life to the harmonies of love, compassion, and service, and I am so pleased to see her expanding these offerings, spreading light in the world."

Kari Powell
Healer and Teacher

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