Our Inner Circle is a monthly gathering of people from across the world who delight in using their personal transformative process to focus teaching and support for the collective.

Gather Monthly with Your Global Tribe

Each Month we will meet online for a Live 90 minute Video Call with Riza.  Participants will be invited to participate in focusing the topics of discussion and the subject of the teaching for the call by answering a 10 question survey each month. 

The questions, teaching, meditation and call are thus specific to the time we are in and are designed to support participants as we dance with transformational energies.   It is our belief that these energies affect us both personally and planetarily, so part of this call is recorded to be shared with the greater collective through the Magnetic Heart Membership.   

The first 30 minutes of the call contains a guided meditation and intuitive teaching.  This is the portion recorded to be shared with the Magnetic Heart.  The following 60 minutes is a private facilitated circle amongst Inner Circle members where we go deeper into the topics discussed in the teaching and also share more of our personal stories, ask Riza questions, and uncover our inherent wisdom. 

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 5pm PST // 7pm CST // 8pm EST in a pioneering form of Online Ceremony.  

The circle is always recorded as a video and audio MP3 and made available to all members, whether or not they are able to attend the live call.  However, this is a participatory circle that requires your ability to make most of the sessions so that you can build relationships and trust within the group through shared vulnerability.  If you do not think you can join us through participating in the survey and showing up to our calling, Magnetic Heart may be a better fit for you. 


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Guided Meditation Archive

Meditation is an important way to take wellness pauses throughout your day, a way to support your individual process of becoming.  

There are many different meditation practices out there, so where to begin?Sometimes coming from a place of stress and anxiety to a place of mental, visceral calm, is a tall order.  That is why we love guided meditations.  

The Meditation Archive is a Self-Study Course through a series of meditations inspired by a variety of practices around the world.  

It is a great resource for exploring different ways to meditate, to train and focus the mind, as well as explore the extra-ordinary realms of the heart and body.  You may find in the archive a meditation MP3 that you absolutely love and use on a daily basis or you may take a tour of many different techniques that speak to your shifting internal transformation needs. 

This archive is being offered to the general public as an online course, and is offered as a free bonus to Inner Circle members.  It is our belief that if you are willing to commit to the self-care of connection on a monthly basis, we would like to support you on a daily basis as well.

Riza has been guiding meditations for 25 years and sees it as a fantastic tool to tap into your inherent super power of creative imagination.  Playing with our "creative imagination" is actually a form of exercising the energetic interpretation mechanism that is the human body.  This Meditation Archive will continue to grow as Riza records meditations for clients and by Inner Circle request!

Sample a Meditation

Monthly Tuition is just $17!

Riza's Inner Circle is your ticket to ongoing support on your path. Making the commitment to engage in Consciousness rEvolution, takes considerable courage and support. That's why we're here, holding this circle open and steady for you.


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