Riza Noyama-Zee ~ The Dreamer

Riza is our primary Dreamer and Teacher for the Full Awakening mission.  She will be feeding The Wheel of our work with her channeled wisdom.  Her style is to offer pragmatic tools and resonant perspectives to sing us out of our slumber, to bring the process of awakening into our daily existence, our bodies, and relationships, families, and our communities.  She has been trained by talented  and benevolent teachers such as her primary guide, Dr. Allison Bradley, working as her apprentice and as a facilitator for the Blue Fire Project for over 5 years.  She has also had the privilege of learning with world renowned teachers such as Hank Wesselman of the Spiritwalker Trilogy, and Lee Harris of Lee Harris Energy.  Riza has been a professional healer, ceremonialist, and transformation guide for the past 14 years and is excited to step forward into added levels of visibility for the global ascension process.

My Intention to Give :  "Wisdom, connection, tools, affirmation, acceleration, a boost, strength, to lead by example, integrity, authenticity, vulnerability, and Truth"

My Intention to Receive : "A grounded and supported cosmic wheel spinning strong and with purpose – open to grasping the creative energies as they flow through me and with the intelligence to spin this universal wisdom material out to all the right places for the greatest good of all."

Beth Lorio ~  Fire Tender & Video Creatrix

Beth is a trained intuitive, teacher, and artist.  She will be taking the raw material of Riza's teachings and rolling this cosmic clay into livable art, through Truffle Bites, How ::: To videos, and snackable MP3 guided meditations.

Intentions to Give : "My creativity. My vision. My ability to pull things out of the cloud of concept into three dimensions."

Intentions to Receive : "Having a context to practice my craft.  I'm excited to be able to hone and learn and have a rolling opportunity to learn more as I go along.  I love the idea of having this be a really solid step towards right livelihood and abundance. Including meeting people along the way… the little threads, the mycelium.  Mycelium are us!  And all of that in the context of being able to support someone I love and to support work that I respect greatly."

See more Beth Lorio Art here!

Steph'nie Hoffmann~ Celestial Stage Manager 

Steph'nie is the form maker, task master, and owl delivery system.  She will be helping to hold the earthly form of the wheel steady for our ruckus creation!

What I want to give: "I like being part of a Team of Masters and I love to write.  It fills my heart to be a support, a lead, and be of alternating service to the wheel that pushes this project forward from unknown to known. I like creating a place for people to go in the middle of the night when they are alone and scared.  And I simply adore knowing that just by being joyful, and showing up as our True Selves, we can ease the hurt in the heart of the planet."

What I would like to receive:  "I intend to enjoy the ability to do something I love, something I hop out
of bed in the morning to do, and have it result in a product of lasting value that improves the lives of my friends, neighbors and the planet.  I like who I Am with this team and this tribe and I further intend to receive a personal exponential level of growth from working in this industry that knocks the doors off my highest expectations."

Tim Noyama-Zee ~ Wheel Carver and Structural Support

Tim is working to build the form with which we reach out to the world.  Currently that looks like creating a dynamic living website, as we progress that will evolve into supporting you, our community members, with how you interface with these technologies!

Why am I here: "“I am here to be a useful, adaptable, and tenacious member of the team. To use creativity and versatility to help achieve the mission . . .  Why am i here in South Chicago is just to see what spiritual need is in this country… and maybe a snapshot of it on a global scale. That is where spiritual healing is needed."

 What do I want to receive:  "To be a part of an organization whose mission is to serve the spiritually enlightened destiny of humanity. To feel wanted and supported and to spiritually grow and invigorate myself and my purpose along the way.  I am left handed but also very left minded.  I studied Political science and history I wanted to be in politics a big portion of my life. I was really putting my chips into healing the world through that route and made the transition a while ago and put my chips into the spiritual path. I don’t see growth happening in 36 years politically in this world and I'm going to put my efforts towards the spiritual realm and see if it does anything."


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