Introducing ::: Stories of Awakening!

Every month this year we will pair with a new community partner to bring you an exciting conversation series all on the subject of passionate pathfinding. We will explore the struggles, unexpected twists, and fateful turns that got each of these change makers onto their path!!! New conversations will be released each month on the 15th with special offers made to the Full Awakening community, to encourage you to engage in the art and work of the featured conversation partner! Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop and receive these limited time discounts from these movers and shakers. Watch Episode 1 here! This is a little bit of my own Story of Awakening!


Stories of Awakening Blog

To watch the latest episode of our Stories of Awakening AND read a blog entry with more juicy tidbits about the life, path, and passions of our Conversation Partners, click on an entry below!

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