Wake Up at Work

Mindfulness and Consciousness Training for the Workplace

Which package is right for your business?

Drop In Training

In this two hour training we will cover the fundamentals of mindfulness for personal well-being, stress reduction, and productivity.  We will also touch upon the concept of Kind Communication for strengthening interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

This is a great tester package to give as a gift to your workforce for the benefit of all, including the health of the organization.  If you enjoy this training, you can receive a size-able discount to our Dive Deep Year of Training. 


What you get:

One 60 minute Training Session for your team, led by Riza



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Deep Dive

In this monthly training program we will learn a variety of skills to strengthen internal fortitude through mindfulness, meditation, and consciousness expansion.  We will spend an equal amount of time practicing skills to assist with workplace wellness such as; Compassionate Communication, Safe Space Creation, and Self Responsibility.  This is a 1 year program that meets for 60 minutes once a month and comes with access to a course of online support material for all participants.  This online facet of the program includes guided meditation mp3s and practice exercises.  ***If you purchase a Drop In Training and then decide to sign up for the Deep Dive, you will receive a $300 credit.



What you get:

One year of Monthly Training Sessions, Led by Riza

Two special 60 minute training sessions for leaders in the organization

Online Support Material for your entire workforce


$6,000 / year


$500 / per month for 12 months

We Are Ready!

Creative Solutions

This is a great package to start with if your organization has a conflict in need of more specific and immediate assistance before engaging in a more broad training.  Companies are fundamentally organisms of their own, formed by many interdependent relationships.  If there is an imbalance in these relationships, the company can begin to falter.  This option is great for assessing the conflict, gaining insight on the workplace environment, and learning specific skills to right the ship!


What you get:

One custom tailored 60 minute Training Session designed to support your company through choppy waters.  

One 30 minute Pre-Training Consultation via Zoom to discuss the challenges in need of support


$500 per session

We Could Use a Hand

"Riz has a power, an integrity and a grace that is admirable and rare in a healer. She supported me and members of my team while we were running a large training event. Her ability to support and hold us through that experience was phenomenal and allowed us to perform to our best. ThAnkyou Riz!"

Lee Harris
Globally Acclaimed Intuitive Messenger, Author, and Leader with Lee Harris Energy

Benefits for the Company:

  • Our training teaches practical tools to turn core company values into action
  • A healthy company embodies the "power-with" instead of "power over" model of management, we can teach you how
  • We aim to treat both the wellness of individual employees and the wellbeing of the company as a whole
  • Offering consciousness training to all employees within a company supports the evolution of a workforce so that internal solutions for thrive-ability in the 21st century can arise naturally  

Benefits for Employees:

  • Feeling valued and supported by the company
  • Stress reduction and increased capacity to handle complexity
  • An increase in motivation, creativity, and innovation
  • Feeling well-resourced to help cultivate a culture of inclusivity and trust
  • More job satisfaction and commitment
  • Feeling more resiliency emotionally, mentally, and physically

"Riza is an amazing healer, teacher, holder of healing space and soul whisperer. I experienced all of these things with her over the span of several years as she worked with me. She worked with a number of colleagues, including myself to utilize meditative practices in the workplace that centered each one of us and brought mindfulness, healing, and growth. She is a gifted teacher who uses innovative and creative practices to reach each person where they are at and bring them farther along in their journey. Riza, brings all of herself to her teaching and healing. She is a soul whisperer."

Toni Jaffe
Chief of Human Resources at NWEA

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