Mentorship with Riza is a beautiful way to unfold the unseen magic of your current place on the path of awakening.  Every mentorship session includes a pre-session channeled reading, a piece of writing grounding the advice received from your council, as well as video and audio recordings of your video session.

Riza offers a variety of one-on-one session packages to fit differing needs, as well as a 21 Session Mentorship Program called Rise and Shine

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Membership Circles

Our two membership circles are quickly becoming a primary focus here at Full Awakening.  Our original membership circle, Riza's Inner Circle, is now a small focus group capped at 12 participants.  Each month these members use the experiences, challenges, and revelations moving through their own lives to focus the energy on behalf of the collective.  Meeting for monthly online ceremony to meditate, learn, and explore becomes the foundation for our newest membership circle, the Magnetic Heart.  This circle is held in the center of our community and members will be provided with a nourishing, monthly renewed, Audio Companion.   We will share two or more downloadable audio mp3s with guided meditation, channeled wisdom, teaching, and a new conversation each month!  Listen from any device and fill your airwaves with the vibes you want to live in. 

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Break-Away Events

*Due to the birth of a new child, Riza will have a limited schedule of ceremonial travel until the Fall of 2020.  Look for local events in the Chicago area.

Our Live Ceremonial Events give you a break from your daily life so that you can reach new heights of connection with Source energy and your Soul Tribe. We will create a threshold of direct experience through Letting Go, Bringing In, Illuminating, and enCouraging you forward on your path. Learn to listen fully and from your heart.  Come to See and Be Seen.

This year we are introducing new Foundations teachings to guide participants on how to create a sacred space at home for the ritual of living!

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"Riza is a powerful healer and teacher. She taught me meditation techniques that support my work as a yoga teacher. Through her compassionate teachings and guided meditations, she holds space for you to heal what is ready. A warm-hearted, exceptional listener, Riza feels like your best friend the moment you meet her. She is intuitive and kind. She is resourceful with practical and creative tools to assist through any transition."

Marianne Donadio
Yoga Instructor and Teacher

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