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What do you need to Awaken?

We have identified the following 4 primary elements as being necessary for the practice of Awakening. With these 4 elements in mind, we have designed a variety of offerings and experiences to meet you wherever you are in the process of waking up!





New Perspectives

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Access to Truth Energy

Deep Nourishment

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Graduated Progression




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Radical Love

Compassionate Witness


Self Study

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Why would you want to wake up??

Having an awakening is like becoming lucid within a dream, recognizing that life is full of hidden meaning, unforeseen possibilities, and inherent power. 


Waking up to life benefits both your personal quality of life, as well as the quality of life for those around you.  When you feel lucid to what life is teaching, you gain a personal level of power that motivates you to experience new things, and become courageous to break through perceived limitations.  Awakening isn't a singular moment though, it is a lifelong process fueled by direct experiences of something greater than you expected.  We are here to help you have those groundbreaking experiences, as well as support you on your lifelong journey of awakening.


“If you want to awaken all of humanity,

then awaken all of yourself. 

If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,

then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.

Truly, the greatest gift you have to give

is that of your own self-transformation.”

~Lao Tsu

How can you begin?

If you have found this site, chances are, you have already begun to answer the call!  

We begin with Inspiration.  Think of inspiration as a big breath of fresh mountain air.  Receiving fresh ideas, new practices, and the stories of those who have gone before you, can help to fuel your journey.


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Where Do You Belong?

Feeling a sense of belonging starts on the inside . . .

Community is incredibly important to any great movement, and we believe that we are in the midst of a great wave of change sweeping around the world.  For those who wish to rise up and lead this change, it is important to feel in good company.  For this we practice skills of deep listening, truth sharing, and self-acceptance.  You must first belong to yourself before you can belong to others or the world.

Once you can attend to the transformation moving through your own life, you can offer support to others through peer support and sharing stories. . . 

Creating a Community of Self-Responsible Individuals for Planetary Change!

Our Magnetic Heart Membership Community is our growing tribe of brave individuals standing up for their own conscious evolution.  Folks from a diverse life paths, practices, beliefs, and experiences.  Diversity builds resiliency.  We hold a safe and steady container for exploration, cross pollination, and a touchstone to ground you. 

Our Audio Companion for the Magnetic Heart contains a treasure trove of channeled teachings, guided meditations, mp3 downloads of our Stories from our podcast, and extra bonus materials that include exclusive ceremonial recordings, guided healing processes, and more.  Each month 2-3 new recordings are added and you have access to all recordings that came before.  The Audio Companion is created with the intention of helping hold you through your days. 

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We Rise or Fall Together

To offer support during this tenuous time, we have created a deep discount option for those financially impacted by covid-19 and are seeking reflection and connection support.  These are private intuitive healing and space holding sessions with Riza.  She performs these sessions in an activated state and in direct contact with the Light Council of the individual as well as the Council she channels, the Council of 17.

We will continue to offer discounted personal sessions until July 31st, 2020.  If you need support please choose a session below.

Regular 1 hour session Discounted 1 hour session Discounted 45 minute session

We are now emerging into a brand new arena. 

Through the School of Full Awakening, we will be offering 1 year study periods of graduated growth, support, and increasing levels of mastery and self actualization.  Through this program you will finally have a clear process template to hold you through a transformation to change the very trajectory of your life for the best possible future outcome. 

You will heal on a cellular level to become the co-creator you know you were meant to be.

We will begin in center with 4 foundational 1:1 sessions with Riza.  These sessions will help you to connect consciously with your light council, you life pathway, and you primary talents and challenges.  We believe that our challenges are our medicine maker opportunities and important indicators of the direction our soul consciousness wants us to evolve.

After establishing this strong base of wisdom, you will move into working with a Healers Group through weekly support calls.  These groups will be formed by individuals on their own personal journey through Rise and Shine, a profound process that takes you through 21 cycles healing and re-writing internal programs that keep you from feeling whole, joyous, and fully alive.

Lastly, you will move into the Dreamers Spiral, where you will learn to vision, design, and build your dreams into reality.  The Dreamers circle also includes weekly support calls with a group going though the same material, offering encouragement, witnessing, and connection.

Move at your own pace, engage in depth of online study material, and graduate to next levels of maturation as you naturally grow.

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What tools help you awakening?

We believe in the "Magical Art of Changing your Mind" by engaging in shifting perspectives, guided Visceral Visual Meditation, and Heart Healing.  In our experience, transformation happens inside the whole person, not just one aspect.  In other words, we can't just think it, we need to feel it. 

Our Meditation Archive is a reservoir of opportunities to directly experience an altered state of presence through your very own multi-sensory imagination.

Meditation and training the mind is a tool available to all of us, not just some of us. 

Guided practice can take you there with ease.

Your mind is an amazing tool of perception, imagination, and story telling.  Why not work with your mind to make your world more beautiful?

Meditation is an ancient and modern tool of training the mind and befriending the internal condition.  Our Meditation Archive is a one time purchase of $111 for unlimited access of a growing and evolving collection of mediations designed for a variety of purposes.  We currently have 7 categories and 17 meditations, with more added each month!

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Meet your Guide ~ Riza

Riza is the Founding Director of Full Awakening and is the primary teacher as well.  As a healer, teacher, and seeker, she has been working directly with transformational energies and awakening processes for the past 30 years.  Additionally, Riza has had the great honor to study with a variety of living teachers, masters in their traditions, for over 17 years. 

Riza is a trained facilitator, and this informs her teaching style.  She effectively leads students into having their own direct experiences, so that learning is self-discovery, rather than simply conceptualized ideas.  Over the last 17 years, Riza has worked in a variety of settings from running a private practice, to  teaching at community centers, to being an on-staff facilitator and therapist for a corporate non-profit.  She enjoys working with individuals, in small groups, and with larger audiences.

Riza is delighted to be in the place to bring the Elements of Awakening to people in all walks of life for the greatest good of all!

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"I have been working with Riza in various small group settings for almost two years now, and every single experience has been moving and powerful! Riza really knows how to listen to what her clients are saying from her heart and offers the most genuine and powerfully applicable guidance I have ever received from a healer. She has also taken the time to get to know me as a person and always makes me feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for in our sessions. The way Riza holds space for others allows them to feel safe to really dig into their own healing process. On top of her power as a transformational guide, Riza is one of my favorite people in the world. She is raw, witty, kind, and wise beyond her years. By being fully and wholly herself in all settings, Riza invites others to show up as themselves in the same way, creating a beautiful container for deep healing. I can't recommend working with Riza enough!! "

Rachel Trumbore
Classical Musician

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