Episode 4 ~ Brenda Carolan

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2019

Brenda Carolan is a Portland Oregon based healer, artist, teacher, and sacred travel guide.  She has been making a huge impact in the lives of her private clients for years and is in a rapid path of current evolution in what she offers to her community at large.  Most recently, her Intuitive Painting classes and Sacred Tours of Egypt have been making some waves in the transformational communities, so we were delighted to find out more!

Special Offer:  Brenda is generously offering 20% off her Healing Sessions (in person or over phone / Skype / Zoom) and 20% off her Intuitive Painting Classes (private or small group) . Check out these offerings at www.brendacarolan.com.  If you would like to book them and receive your community discount, email her directly at [email protected] and mention Stories of Awakening.  This offer is given for one experience with Brenda only and will expire in August 2019! Watch the video to find out more about...

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Episode 3 ~ Gianna Filice

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2019

In our 3rd Episode we meet with the ever inspiring Gianna Filice!  We so enjoyed diving deep into personal history, topics of mental health, family, self discovery and revelation.  Gianna is currently a Mindfullness and Heartfullness Coach and advocate, working currently with individuals to help empower their path towards personal truth and wholeness.   

If you are moved to connect more deeply with Gianna and her work, you can read more about Gianna's mental health journey and for as low as $3 a month you can subscribe to receive advice and tools to help you navigate your own process, by visiting here Patreon page  and joining her community!  In addition, the Full Awakening community is being offered a very generous 25% discount on a single session of her 1:1 mentoring services, and 50% discount on a package of sessions!!  You can set up these sessions by contact her at gianna@giannafilice.comAnd please do watch the video to...

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Episode 2 ~ Steph'nie Hoffmann

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2019

Steph'nie's cross-pollination offer to our community is a Sample Platter Healing Session at 50% off!!  You can make an appointment by visiting her site at www.firehorsereiki.com .  Watch the conversation to hear more about this awesome offer!!

The Past:

Q:  How would you describe yourself when you were young?  

I grew up alone. As a young child in the city I would go to the backdoor of neighbors homes and get the occasional ding dong from the servants quarters. After age 10 we moved to the country and my only companions were the trees, the land, and the animals. I had a horse, Goldie, who was my sibling and constant companion from age 12 to 18. When I wasn’t out of doors or with my horse, I was in a book.

Q:  What were you passionate about and where did you think you were headed?  

I believed I was headed to DC to be a lobbyist. I was driven to know as much as possible and ‘succeed’ but I was mistaken on what success was defined...

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Episode 1 ~ Introductions and Stories from Riza's Journey!

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2019

What follows is an updated blog entry from 2010 that gives you a little extra background of me as a person, practitioner, and seeker.  One of the main stories I tell in Episode 1 is here plus some extra tidbits from my strange and beautiful dance with life!

As a child, my parents lovingly referred to me as the “singing surgeon”, reflecting my passion for creative expression coupled with my intense fascination with the inner workings of the human body. I was never able to satisfactorily answer the common question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” without listing a long litany of possibilities: obstetrician, actor, pediatrician, writer, architect, geneticist, or director? To remedy this apparent lack of clarity, I pushed myself to into all directions at once. Fortunately, growing up in Chicago afforded me a multitude of opportunities to explore my many interests.



By the time I packed my bags for college, I had already spent...

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