Episode 18 ~ Bridgette Parent Reid


This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bridgette Parent Reid, creatrix of Soul-Hive.com, a grass roots company in Austin, Texas devoted to raising the vibration!  Bridgette identifies as a community builder, intuitive guide, embodied mother and partner.  We can add to that, a powerhouse of down home wisdom! 

In this conversation you will learn about;

  • the path of embodying a coherent state
  • expressing your unique energetic signature
  • using body testing as a way to connect with truth energy 

One of the lessons in this beautiful conversation is how embodying truth strengthens us and holding untruths harm us.  This is just one of the many important message for our times contained in the weave of this conversation.  Enjoy!

Find out more about Bridgette and her work here.

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Episode 17 ~ Aileen Penn


This month we met with Aileen Penn; intuitive energetic healer, channeler, creator of The Lighter Side, and devoted mother.  Her story is one of awakening through heartbreak, learning to use her natural gifts of healing to help her dying child.  Aileen and I discuss how this tragedy, and the subsequent loss of another young adult child, shaped her path and taught her of the preciousness of life.  This touching episode is the medicine we need at a time when our collective grief is offering us an opening to come into a deeper relationship with our lives, gifts, and mission.

To find out more about Aileen and her work, visit her website at:


Aileen is also offering a special gift to our community with intuitive Fairy Card readings.  Watch the episode to find out more!  If you are interested, reach out to her at:

[email protected]


Poems from this Episode Self-Published in a Compilation called "Dragonfly":

By Zoe...

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Episode 16 ~ Morgan Pace Bolton


This month we had the pleasure of meeting with Morgan Pace Bolton, creator of Grateful Heart Kids Yoga.  As a mother, a spiritual being, creator, and awareness advocate, Morgan leads by example.  Morgan holds a quietly powerful sense of grounding that feels unwavering and rooted in compassion.  This conversation endeavors to find the source of this calm and spread this much needed vibe with you, our beloved audience! 

Learn more about Morgan:

Morgan has also been offering some online classes during this shelter at home time - see what she is up to with this fb event link!  https://www.facebook.com/events/2543300792651582/


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Episode 15 ~ Rebecca Heartfly


This month we had the honor of stepping into sacred space and conversation with Rebecca Heartfly.  Rebecca is a Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach who is passionate about working with all ages of folks from babies to elders.  She has an emanating joy for life and she shares how her life was guided and shaped by catastrophic change.  This conversation is quite timely as we recorded it in the middle of the first week of corona virus quarantine / social distancing.  We hope that you enjoy this episode and find some strength, joy, and hope along the way!  

 To find out more about Rebecca visit: rebeccaheartfly.com

You can also follow Rebecca Heartfly on Instagram
**In this conversation Rebecca makes an amazingly generous offer for free registration to her 30-Day Self-Care Bootcamp that she is just launching!  Follow directions at the end of the conversation to sign up!

The movie and writing...
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Episode 14 ~ Scout Wilkins


This month we speak with the Coyote Grandmother that is Scout Wilkins!  Scout is a trail guide at Zion National Park as well as sharing her wisdom through being a guide and teacher for Life.  Her passion is to cultivate the willingness to be surprised in herself and in others.  Through her work she helps people to heal and form a sense of Trust in themselves and in the world.  Join us for this profoundly beautiful conversation that warranted a double long recording. 

To listen to more musings from the Coyote Grandmother, she welcomes you to her podcast:  http://travelinglight.life/stories-from-the-trail

You can find out how to more at Scout's website: http://travelinglight.life

For some of Scout's evocative writing, see below!


A Grandmother’s Manifesto on Optimism

I believe in letting those who will live in the future be the ones who will design it, with the help of all...

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Episode 13 ~ Lauren Reiner

This month we had the pleasure to sit down with Artist, Mother, Sacred Space Facilitator, and Sensual Explorer Lauren Reiner.   We delve into the magic of art making, sexual self-discovery, and radical inclusivity of self and others.  Our Episode 13 is a beautiful, extra-long exploration into divine feminine power rising!
*We ran into some technological glitches about 3 minutes in.  Stay with us, it smooths itself out after a minute!
"In the Eve"
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Things Lauren mentioned in the conversation:
Book - Pleasure Activism - Adrienne Maree Brown
Essay - "Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power" by Audre Lorde
My story of awakening centers around my decision to listen to my body,...
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Episode 12 ~ Rachel Hartenstein


Our conversation partner this month is Rachel Hartenstein, a coach and healer who helps her clients break free of pain, frustration, and struggle. She supports them in releasing what is holding them back so that they can finally tap into the life they are meant to have — one full of joy, purpose, and ease.  As a fellow mother of three, we have plenty to discuss around the restorative nature of sleep and what brought her to the Yoga Nidra practice.  We also delve into the balancing act of reaching out in service while nourishing our families at home, and progressing along a personal evolutionary path.  I found the pace and energy of this conversation to be uniquely relaxing and I hope you find some calm nourishment from this conversation as well!

You can connect with Rachel and her business by visiting her Reflections Healing website.

Rachel has an awesome offering for our community to dive deeper with a private session where you can...

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Episode 11 ~ Jill Goux


This month we sit down with Jill Goux, The Energy Renovator!  In this unique conversation we swim through two sensational stories of personal and energetic awakening that set Jill forward on her path.  Jill is an intuitive energy practitioner and channel, as well as a transformation coach and teacher.  She is based out of Minneapolis and has an infectious love for life.  Join us for the laughter, tears, and curiosity that runs through this conversation.

Special Offer: Jill would like to offer our community a $40 discount to a 1 hour Distant Sound Healing Session.  Follow this link and input discount code AWAKEN40.

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Episode 10 ~ Rachel Trumbore



This month we sat down with beloved community member, Rachel Trumbore.  She is a professional trombone player, a life-long Student of Sound, and a mentor to others looking to become empowered through music.  Rachel walks us through her process of finding her passion, honing her focus through the epiphany of desire, and finding sanctuary through expression.  You can listen to Rachel's playing by clicking here.   Find out more about her path as a musician by visiting her music website.

Rachel has just launched a new website called Empowered Musician, that aims to share meditation and private mentorship services for helping musicians to improve their performance by finding center and flow before and during music making.  Sample her mediations on her youtube station.  As a special offering to our community Rachel is excited to experiment with making personal meditation music for you!  If you would like to find out more...

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Episode 9 ~ Elizabeth Russell


This month we talked with Elizabeth Russell, the Creative Founder of Be Space Integrative Arts.  We explore the "Spell of Urgency", our ability to slow down, and our ever-present ability to belong to ourselves and each other.   We can not say enough about the inspiration and timeliness of the messages excavated in this conversation between two lovers of the Earth, humanity, and our collective dance towards awakening.

Elizabeth would like to offer each Full Awakening member the opportunity to join her at the New Moon Cafe, a virtual ritual space to explore the themes of the month ahead.  This monthly circle is given "in the gift" and is now open to all.  The next circle is Saturday September 28th from 10:30 - 11:45 am PST.  Visit this page for more information and to sign up!  

Find out more about Elizabeth and her heart-centered offerings by visiting her new website!! https://elizabethrussell.space/


How does anyone remember what they...

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