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Episode 24 ~ Steven Washington


This month we are releasing a conversation we had with Steven Washington that was recorded in February 2020.  We recorded it with the intention of releasing it in December, and full of the feeling that 2020 would change us all dramatically between the recording and release.  Oh man, were we right! 

This conversation leads us into the topics of conscious endings, holding suffering, and compassion fatigue.  We dive into the deep waters of how to be together at this threshold that requires each of us to claim our own journey as uniquely ours.

Steven Washington is a healer, teacher, podcaster and writer.  From his Qi gong and Pilates instruction, to his heartfelt writings about recovery and the nature of transformation, you can find a wealth of support and inspiration on his website:

Listen to his podcast:

Read his writing:


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Episode 23.5 ~ Elizabeth Russell


This month's Stories of Awakening conversation with Elizabeth Russell is a deep one, so deep and special in fact, that we couldn't finagle a smooth technical connection.  This episode is for those thirsty for the material and willing to be patient with the occasional glitchiness of the recording.  I promise it is worth it!  We look back over 2020 with insight and compassion and look forward with wonder-filled curiosity to 2021 and beyond.  (The audio version may be easier to listen to, if that is the case, you can access the audio mp3 of this episode at this link.)

Elizabeth Russell is the sacred space holder of Be Space, the creator of Dreamfruit Almanac and the New Moon Cafe.  She is our first returning conversation partner, brought back with enthusiasm especially because her first episode is a community favorite.  You will not want to miss out on the energetic swirl of wisdom and truth that she brings to Earth with her...

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Episode 23 ~ Kelli Thompson


This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Kelli Thompson; Intuitive Guide, Soul Integration Facilitator, and the Founder of Spark Fire for Love.  Our conversation weaves pain with revelation, love with struggle, and connection with disconnection.  You will love the wisdom that drops down through this conversation and we hope it will help you to navigate these times!

To find out more about Kelli and her work, check out her website at:

And follow her on Instagram @sparkfireforlove

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Episode 22 ~ Rebecca Schaper


This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Rebecca Schaper; Filmmaker, Author, and Philanthropist.  Rebecca is the visionary behind the transformational documentary, "A Sister's Call" about her journey of healing with her brother who she found after 20 years of searching.  We explore the nature of awakening to one's true calling and the gentleness of opening your heart to the suffering of others.  Through being with her brother as he suffered from schizophrenia she found her own healing and her path unfold.  In this beautiful conversation you will join us for the laughter, the tears, and the pure joy that awaits us all on our unique paths of  discovery.  

Learn more about Rebecca at:

Watch the Movie, "A Sister's Call", for free on Amazon Prime:

A Sister's Call on DVD:

Check out her...
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Episode 21 ~ Aaron Overstreet


This month we had the delight of speaking with Aaron Overstreet, Breathwork Facilitator in Portland, Oregon.  His work aims at helping people to heal themselves from lifelong trauma through the power of breath!  Aaron gives us a lovely history of the discovery of Rebirthing Breathwork as well as guide us in some active breathwork during the conversation.  This episode is full of healing wealth and can help you to empower and launch your self-evolutionary process!

Connect to Aaron's work at:

Check out his community contributions on:

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Episode 20 ~ Lee Harris


This month we had the honor of sitting down with Lee Harris, globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation Teacher of Lee Harris Energy and the famed Monthly Energy Update! We had a lively discussion about how to navigate these challenging times of transformation with care and balance. In this age of awakening , it is the most sensitive amongst us who are being asked to lead the internal revolution, and Lee expresses this path beautifully. Join us for a whole-hearted conversation that will leave you feeling encouraged, informed, and grounded to make an impact in this dynamic time!

During our conversation, Lee makes an invitation to the audience to join him for an upcoming live online event of channeling, guidance, and healing called Transmissions 2020. In this live online group event, Lee's council of guides, the Zs, will be handed the mic to speak to us about navigating the coming decade of change. The event will run from August 18th - 26th, 2020 after which registration...

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Episode 19 ~ Matt Coffman


This month we had the divine pleasure of sitting down with Matt Coffman, the co-founder of TPA (Therapy Practice Accelerator).  Through his company, Matt trains therapists and other healing practitioners in how to transform their mindset to become empowered business owners.  His program is truly revolutionary and so far he has helped over one thousand practitioners reach new heights of personal and professional development!  Join us as we delve into Matt's personal story of awakening and how he found his unique path of passion!

To find out more about Matt and his work, visit the TPA website!

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Episode 18 ~ Bridgette Parent Reid


This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bridgette Parent Reid, creatrix of, a grass roots company in Austin, Texas devoted to raising the vibration!  Bridgette identifies as a community builder, intuitive guide, embodied mother and partner.  We can add to that, a powerhouse of down home wisdom! 

In this conversation you will learn about;

  • the path of embodying a coherent state
  • expressing your unique energetic signature
  • using body testing as a way to connect with truth energy 

One of the lessons in this beautiful conversation is how embodying truth strengthens us and holding untruths harm us.  This is just one of the many important message for our times contained in the weave of this conversation.  Enjoy!

Find out more about Bridgette and her work here.

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Episode 17 ~ Aileen Penn


This month we met with Aileen Penn; intuitive energetic healer, channeler, creator of The Lighter Side, and devoted mother.  Her story is one of awakening through heartbreak, learning to use her natural gifts of healing to help her dying child.  Aileen and I discuss how this tragedy, and the subsequent loss of another young adult child, shaped her path and taught her of the preciousness of life.  This touching episode is the medicine we need at a time when our collective grief is offering us an opening to come into a deeper relationship with our lives, gifts, and mission.

To find out more about Aileen and her work, visit her website at:

Aileen is also offering a special gift to our community with intuitive Fairy Card readings.  Watch the episode to find out more!  If you are interested, reach out to her at:

[email protected]


Poems from this Episode Self-Published in a Compilation called "Dragonfly":

By Zoe...

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Episode 16 ~ Morgan Pace Bolton


This month we had the pleasure of meeting with Morgan Pace Bolton, creator of Grateful Heart Kids Yoga.  As a mother, a spiritual being, creator, and awareness advocate, Morgan leads by example.  Morgan holds a quietly powerful sense of grounding that feels unwavering and rooted in compassion.  This conversation endeavors to find the source of this calm and spread this much needed vibe with you, our beloved audience! 

Learn more about Morgan:

Morgan has also been offering some online classes during this shelter at home time - see what she is up to with this fb event link!


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