We are dedicated to all those gathering around a common goal to awaken.

To awaken to what, you may ask? We intend to awaken to Life, to the expansive nature of our infinite hearts, and to the purpose with which we each chose to come into form at this time and place. . . . . 

Full Awakening aims to bring practical tools, inspiring perspectives, and a grounded container for a global community of seekers to be seen and actualized, for the greatest possible good of all.

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The Team

Full Awakening is here by virtue, heart, and by considerable effort by a team of artists, healers, teachers, and change makers. 

We also would not exist were it not for you; our audience, our students, and our friends.  We are here for YOU.  Find out more about who is backstage on this production and also check out our Blog to discover our monthly Community Conversation Partner and Cross Pollination Collaborator!  We honor each of these folks as a vital part of our team too!  Together we are following the breadcrumbs that our guidance systems lay out for us to bring you tools, inspiration, and classes to support global awakening!

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Our Leader

Riza is the founding member of the team and the primary teacher for Full Awakening.   

She brings 20 years of personal initiations with Spirit, plus her apprenticeship as a shamanic practitioner to her mission of awakening in her own life and assisting in the life of others.  It has been said that she brings her whole heart into her work and that she feels like your best friend the moment you meet her.  We are sure she would say that she is a seeker, as are we all, on the path to becoming the truest and kindest expression of her own divine heart.  We are in this together and every voice is needed!

To find out more, read Riza's manifesto, her Blog entry and video as Episode 1 of the "Stories of Awakening" Series, and the Testimonials!

Who is Riza?

"Riz has a power, an integrity and a grace that is admirable and rare in a healer. She supported me and members of my team while we were running a large training event. Her ability to support and hold us through that experience was phenomenal and allowed us to perform to our best. ThAnkyou Riz!"

Lee Harris
Globally Acclaimed Intuitive Messenger and Leader with Lee Harris Energy

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